The Tea about Drinking Tea

The Tea about Drinking Tea

Tea is basically flavored water, water is healthy and vital for human life, so drinking tea is healthy, right? Interesting logic, but not totally flawed. I struggle with drinking enough water throughout the day. I try and try but chugging 3 glasses of water at the end of the night to hit a daily goal does not make me feel any healthier except for the extra steps I will have to take in order to get to the bathroom. So about two years ago, I realized that I needed a new way to drink my liquids. Now I usually drink about two cups a day of tea in addition to my water intake. But hydration is not the only reason I drink tea, it is the insane actual health benefits tea gives you. Here are a few of the health benefits of black, green, white, and herbal tea.

Black Tea has more benefits then what meets the eye. With it being one of the most caffeinated teas, it is an ideal choice for a morning drink! But there are more reasons to drink black tea then just for the caffeine. There are amazing, healthy properties hidden in black. Here are 5 of my favorite benefits (there are many more – see citations at end of post):

1) Reduces Stress
Black tea can actually help level hormones which make you feel more stressed. Cortisol being one of the main hormones. Black tea can actually help level the hormones which make you feel more stressed. Cortisol being one of the main hormones.  Studies show that in high-stress situations those who drank black tea recently had lower cortisol levels!

2) Heart Health
Flavonoids! Flavonoids! Flavonoids! These are antioxidants which benefit heart health conveniently found in black tea. Consistently drinking black tea shows a decrease in triglyceride levels and fasting serum glucose. Another interesting discovery is that the “bad” cholesterol levels decrease while the “healthy” cholesterol levels increase.

3) Improves Focus 
Caffeine does a lot to improve focus, but black tea also contains an amino acid called L-theanine which engages and increases alpha brain activity. This then improves focus and relaxation.

4) Jam-packed with Antioxidants!!!
Polyphenols (they have antioxidant properties) and Catechins are in black tea. Catechins are antioxidants that fight the bad cells that cause cancer and even can help prevent heart disease. Consuming these antioxidants can help the overall risk of chronic disease and can improve your personal health. 

5) Can Help Fight Cancer! 
Wow, right? Polyphenols located in black tea and green tea may help prevent cancer cell survival. Other studies have also shown that drinking black tea can actually slow the spread of breast cancer tumors. Obviously it is not any sort of cure, but it might be able to decrease further development cancer cells.

Green Tea also packs quite the healthy punch. Maybe its the green color but…. it also might be the nutritional benefits that green tea has in every cup. Coming in second in the caffeine train, it still is a viable option for your morning choice of drink. But what should make you want to drink this colorful beverage, it the amazing benefits it has:

1) Weight Loss
Green tea seems to have properties which increases your metabolism and increase fat burning. It also might be linked to improved physical performance. With a balanced diet, green tea’s caffeine content and nutrition properties make it a helpful aid in a weight loss journey. Also green tea has zero calories, added bonus!!

2) Promotes Good Skin Care!
Green tea promotes DNA repair meaning that it fights UV damage. Also when in a drink or applied topically, the antioxidants and vitamins in green tea provide various anti-aging properties. There is even talk about the benefits of putting tea bags under your eyes to dark circles.

3) Mental Awareness
Green Tea also helps you become more mentally alert. This tea has less caffeine than coffee, so it will keep your mind stimulated and awake without crashing, jittery feeling, and shakiness.

4) Help Prevent Diabetes 
Not only does green tea protect against improve insulin sensitivity, those who drink this tea may have a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes. It also protects against swift, dramatic rises and crashes in blood sugar which lead to emotional irritability, cravings, and body fatigue.

5) Worries Be Gone!
Akin to black tea, green tea helps with anxiety and stress by increasing the dopamine levels in the brain as well as showing decreases in blood pressure. But not only does green tea relax you, it has slight caffeine in it so you can relax without being drowsy!

White Tea also has some benefits under its belt. By now you know that most teas are jammed packed with antioxidants, but white tea has a few unique health identifiers that will surely make you want to go out and stock up on this nutritious drink.

1) Weight Loss
Hmm…we have seen this before. White tea, like green tea is attached to weight loss claims. BUT studies have shown that when tested white tea components was able to prevent fat cells from being formed and stimulate fat breakdown. There also may be a link to white tea and an increase in your metabolism! Fun stuff!

2) Takes Care of Pearly Whites
Not only does white tea contain antioxidants, but key teeth health components like fluoride, catechins and tannins. These together fight against sugars and bacteria making your teeth stronger. The combination of fluoride and tannin may even prevent the growth of plaque-causing bacteria.

3) Reproductive Boost
Men, this is for you. Drinking white tea has the potential to improve reproductive health and increase fertility. In multiple studies, it was shown that White tea extract improved sperm quality by increasing its viability and moving function.

4) Brain Power
White tea might be able to protect the health of your brain due to high content of catechins. In studies conducted, white tea extract prevented the spread of
oxidative damage to the brain. Also this tea has been linked to helping the cognitive function in the elderly community.

5) Protect Against Cancer
Like black tea, white tea is linked to preventing the spread of cancer cells and then also protecting the healthy cells around it. Some studies also suggest that white tea extract had actually killed off the cancer cells! Whoa! More research is needed but this could be major information!

Herbal Tea is a very vague concept of tea. Well, its actually not tea at all. But some of the liquids that identify itself as herbal tea has some amazing benefits. Herbal tea does not derive from the Camellia sinensis  plant, which all other teas do. So the other ingredients in this tea are what makes it so special and healthy.

1) It can Keep You Regular
If your herbal tea contains dandelion, hibiscus, hawthorn, or juniper, it might be a leading factor that you are able to go more easily.

2) Immune Boost
If your herbal tea includes elderberry, echinacea, ginger, or licorice root, you might be getting an added immune bonus.

3) Headache Relief
If your herbal tea contains peppermint, ginger, turmeric, or eucalyptus, it might be best for you to drink this when having a headache or when trying to reduce inflammation.

4) Sweet Dreams
If your herbal tea contains valerian, chamomile, kava root, or lavender, it might be a reason why you feel drowsy or have an easier time sleeping.

5) Help you Digest 
If your herbal tea contains
dandelion, chamomile, cinnamon, peppermint, or ginger, it may be why you have been feeling less bloated, constipated, cramped or nauseous.

If that doesn’t convince you to go put a tea kettle on the stove, I don’t know what will! Happy Brewing!


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