A Tea Lover’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

A Tea Lover’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and if you are a procrastinator like me, you haven’t figured out everything you want to do to celebrate with friends and loved ones. I usually have the best intentions to start planning gifts early, but life happens. So, I decided to go and compile a “guide” of sorts to help you figure out what to get your friends and family this year. Of course, all this with the tea lovers theme. So, if you are someone who has friends who love tea and do not know what to get them or if you are a tea lover who wishes to share their love with others, this article may be for you.

DIY Gift Guide:

Nothing is better than a gift from the heart, and I usually rely solely on DIY projects for Valentine’s Day. I found some really easy projects anyone could do as Valentine’s Day party favors or gifts for friends on short notice.

Heart Shape Tea Bags – Original Source here

  • Disposable Tea Filter Bags (buy some here)
  • Needle
  • White Thread
  • Scissors
  • Fabric pins
  • Construction Paper (shape of a heart)
  • A funnel (can build paper funnel)

Take the construction paper and put a piece of tape (stick to finger a few times before to lose most of its stickiness) on the heart. Start sewing around the heart stencil. You can make large stitches if the leaves you use are larger, otherwise, do small stitches so the leaves do not fall out! Make sure to leave space to funnel in the tea! Pour the tea into the filter and make sure the leaves are spread out throughout the filter. When done, sew up the hole used to filter and tie off the string to make sure the filter is properly sewn shut. The final step is trimming off the extra filter. An optional step could be to add a string loop to the top of the heart so you are able to easily take the tea in and out of your mug when steeping.

Tea Sampling Gift Set

  • 3 Loose leaf Teas of your choice (can be found in grocery store)
  • Small Containers (mason jars, tins, Glass Jars w/ Cork Lids)
  • Pink Ribbon
  • Construction Paper
  • White tulle squares
  • Hole Puncher
  • Tea Steeper of Choice (I would recommend Heart Shaped Tea Infuser)

Take three containers and fill them with the loose leaf tea (different tea per container). Put tops on containers and put to the side. Take construction paper and cut into 2×2 inch square. Hole punch the middle top of the paper and write a message of choice. Take time to measure out a foot of ribbon and cut. Take tulle and put three filled jars in the middle of the square. Take sides of tulle and pull into a bunch over the jars. Pick up your ribbon, heart-shaped infuser, and message card. Wrap the ribbon at least once and knot. Pull the ribbon through the message card hole and then tie the infuser to the gift. The infuser and the message card should be closer to each other.

Tea Mug Gift Set

  • Heart Themes Mug
  • Tea bags of choice (I recommend Tazo Passion)
  • Wrapping Equipment (tulle and ribbon or gift bags)

TjMaxx is where I would go for a fun Valentine’s themed mug (If you did not know, I am OBSESSED with TjMaxx!). From there you can fill it with whatever you wish! I would use Tazo Passion (passion tea-love-Valentine’s Day?! See what I am trying to do here?) Easily enough you then wrap up the mug in either the tool and ribbon or with a bag and tissue paper.

Tea Company Gift Guide:

Many companies go hard on Valentines Day. They have so many offers and specialty items, and this is no exception to tea stores. I put links in the titles which will navigate you to the correct page selling the themed products.

  • David’s Tea Valentine’s Day Collection: David’s tea offers a wide variety of Valentine themed teaware and even specialty brews which reflect the nature of the holiday. From Rose Matcha to a “Sweet Somethings” sampling box, this tea company is sure to have something for you.
  • Harney & Sons: Harney and Sons actually have a Valentine’s day blend which comes in loose leaf, sachets, or small taster form. They also have a 4 piece chocolate tea set! This company has free shipping and usually ships within 24-48 hours.

These are just a few ideas for you to do for some last minute Valentine’s Day gifting! Very simple, but great for short notice! Happy Brewing (and Gifting)!


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