Fruit Infusion Shop: Red Dried Fruit Infusion Review

Fruit Infusion Shop: Red Dried Fruit Infusion Review

I really love blogging and connecting with new people. It seems like every day I meet and interact with someone new and I love every second of it. I think trying to increase your following is great but if you don’t really try and make long-lasting connections, is it all worth it? So when I was extended an invitation to review a tea fruit infusion, I had to take it. I really want to make what I have been building into a platform. Not just for myself, but for everyone. My process when I get a chance to review products is to really make sure to do my research, put aside the needed time to properly review, and make sure I am being unbiased in all aspects. Here is the honest review:

The Company: The product I am reviewing is the Red Fruits – Dried Fruits Infusion Tea from a company called Fruit Infusion Shop. I believe this is a Canada-based company. I am going to link their website here for you to check out! Full disclosure: they did give me this sample free of charge in exchange for a post. I am committed to giving honest reviews, so everything in this post is my true thoughts and feelings, unbiased even though I got the sample for free.

The Product: The product I tried was their red – berry fruit infusion. And the ingredients were Roselle, black cherry, strawberry, blackberry, and herbs. I wish I knew exactly what herbs were involved, not specifically for my own knowledge, but if someone else had a specific allergy. But also I know recipes are sometimes family or company secrets, so it’s not too big of an issue. The smell of this tea was absolutely beautiful, very crisp and juicy actually. You could definitely smell the blackberries and strawberries the most.

The Process: The process of making this tea was fairly straight forward. You pour the contents of the packet into a mug, pour in boiling water, and then let the fruits hydrate for about three minutes (according to the instructions on the packet). I do wish the instructions were more specific on how much water to use, I figured to use a normal mug. I then put the mixture into a strainer to separate the hydrated fruit and my tea. It turned into such a rich red color. I then let the tea cool down since I used boiling water, and eagerly waited to taste it.

The Experience: This tea is the type that smells exactly how it is going to taste. It smelled wonderfully fruity when in dried form, wonderfully fruity in the brewing stage, and tasted wonderfully fruity in the drinking phase. I could mostly taste the strawberries and blackberries. It was an incredibly strong flavor as well, so I believe I most likely could have made an entire pot of tea and still had the full flavor experience. After my first cup, I wanted to see if you could actually double-steep the leftover fruit. It did. And it impressed. The second cup was actually just as strong as the first (I ended up leaving the fruit in the cup). It makes me wonder if a third cup could have been in the picture.

Extra Information: The price of this product is $15 for 6 packets which is about 2.50 per packet. So slightly expensive but I wouldn’t consider it anything out of the ordinary. I think that this product is actually worth that much money, considering you most likely can make a pot of tea, and maybe another one after that using the same fruit pieces. All in all, I think it is worth it.

The Rating: 5/5 teapots

I would honestly have this tea again and again, it was absolutely lovely and the person I engaged with during this process was absolutely lovely. Saying that, have you ever tried this tea? What is something you want me to review next? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Brewing!


2 thoughts on “Fruit Infusion Shop: Red Dried Fruit Infusion Review

  1. It sounded like it would be a refreshing cup of tea. Think this tea would be good cold, (especially with the fruit left in? Did this have additional calories? Did this tea have a bigger carbohydrate? I could not quite read the label or if I click on it, it did not get bigger. Maybe this is something that you could improve for those of us with older eyes. Liked you review, did make me want to try!

    1. I can try and improve this for all readers! I am currently having troubles with some other pictures as well so I will note that!
      And for calories, the label said it was 50 in a serving (which was the packet). Carbs were 12g (4%). 1g of protein. 15 mg of sodium. 9g of total sugars. 0g of Total Fat. I do not know if this meant by steeping or if eating the fruits. I wished the packet was a bit more clear on that aspect. I also think that this drink would be amazing served cold. It was so naturally sweet that it doesn’t need any additional sugar. Thank you for your kind words and input!

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