Making Black Chai Tea from Scratch…Kinda

Making Black Chai Tea from Scratch…Kinda

Tea recipes are so much fun. It is so much fun to try new things and experiment. So when I repeatedly saw a recipe for chai tea, making it from scratch, I was fully intrigued. Now full disclaimer. I do not expect much from this recipe. The idea that I can get the same amazing Chai taste from ground packaged spices instead of from fresh leaves or quality tea pouches, is crazy to me. But I want to try it; Chai tea is one of the few types of tea I don’t carry in my personal stash. What if I am craving Chai and can just whip up a batch with some spices from my spice cabinet? (also what is this instant tea business??? That confused me).

I had found a few recipes online but ran into a few problems. Either it had ingredients I did not have or made some sort of chai spice recipe where you can make the chai spices in bulk. So I took a few recipes and attempted to make it for 2 cups of tea. As you will read, it went…in a different way than I expected and with a different product than I originally had planned.

The Recipes:

Bring the water to a boil. Add all ingredients to the water and cover. After 6 minutes, remove tea bags. Allow spices to blend with water for 2 more minutes. Remove from heat and strain the tea blend. Enjoy! READ THE NEXT PART…VERY IMPORTANT!

My Experience:

I tasted this and coughed because while it tasted yummy and spicy, it was a very concentrated blend. It also seemed to need a little extra sweetness. So I decided to instead use this tea concentrate and make chai lattes. To do this, I warmed up about 1 cup of milk (I did not measure) and then frothed it with a frother. I put in a cup about 1/2 tea concentrate and 1/2 milk. I spooned extra milk froth on the top since I did not use all of the milk. Then, to add some sweetness, I put some honey on top.

I have never made a latte before, so let me know if I did it completely wrong, but it ended up being quite tasty. So did I really do it wrong? My answer is no. I would just like to warn anyone to taste a small quantity of the tea first to decide if the tea is too strong or needs sweetener. I am unsure if this ended up being better than a nice loose leaf or pouch of Chai tea, definitely took longer to make and was messier. I might only bring this recipe out when I feel in the mood for a Chai Latte.

Hope this was entertaining to read! Or maybe it inspired you to attempt your very own chai tea recipe or chai tea latte recipe. Let me know if you have ever tried making your own chai before and how you did it! Happy Brewing!


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