Embrew | Company & Tea Review

Embrew | Company & Tea Review

I have said multiple times that this platform really is for everyone. I love using it to help other people and to try new things. So, my latest tasting and reviewing venture is Embrew tea. But I did not taste just one of their teas, but SIX! You can imagine I was extremely excited. I have spent the last week and a half researching the company and their teas, and testing out the teas so I could bring a comprehensive review for you. Disclaimer: They sent me this tea for free, at no cost to me. However, I promise to do an honest review regardless of how I acquired the teas.

Just a small note, I thought the packaging was so cute. Especially the envelope all of the tea came in. It was quite thick and sturdy. The pouches holding the tea also seemed very sturdy and well insulated.

The Company: Embrew

One of the reasons I got into unsweetened tea was due to laziness. I was in my first year of college and I forgot to bring sugar and honey to my dorm. So, I had to drink tea without any sweetener. But it never occurred to me to buy tea bags WITH sweetener in them (though if I had looked, I am sure I would have not found anything). The same cannot be said of Embrew tea. This owner explains that they, like me, were too lazy to find sugar to put in their tea and were avidly waiting for some company to make a tea bag with sweetener in them. It never came (to their knowledge), so they decided to take matters into their own hands.

First, the intent was to take prepackaged tea and just put sweetener in them. But has now developed into them having ethically sourced ingredients and creating their own blends. They use loose leaf grade teas from small tea farms, much of their green oolong being from Taiwan and their black tea from Nepal. They consider the buying process to be very important and building relationships with these farms equally important. Many growers (not involved in Fair Trade Coop or direct selling) usually go through large supply chains which involve many people and drive prices up, with the grower in the end only getting a small percentage of money. This does not sit well with many people, especially Embrew. They make time to really get to know their growers and develop relationships. They are located in St. Petersburg, Florida and the Embrew started originally in 2016.

The Tea:

Embrew packages their tea in unbleached tea bags. They also promote as little waste as possible so their tea bags do not have strings, staples, or tags. This makes their tea very easily composted and environmentally friendly. The pouches are very long and can be used for mixing your tea around. Embrew also has free domestic shipping (so shipping anywhere in the US).

Strawberry Yaupon Hops: My first reaction to this tea was that it has a very delicate flavor. You can taste the strawberries but in a very subtle way. I had never tried Yaupon before, but it added a green tea taste to this tea. I could taste the sweetened aspect of the tea as well, but it did not overwhelm the tea. So, that was good. Green yaupon contains about the same amount of caffeine as normal green tea. This ingredient is actually native to Florida (and is the only naturally native caffeinated plant in the US) and was harvested there as well as the organic cane sugar. You can click on the picture to the left and be directed to the Embrew site to learn more about this tea!

My Analyzation: Tasted like green tea with very subtle hints of strawberry. Also, the tea smelled more fruity than it actually turned out. Very delicate tea.

Ingredients: Organic cane sugar, organic yaupon holly, cascade hops, rode hips, hibiscus, apple pieces, natural strawberry flavor, strawberries, and raspberry leaves

Amber Black Maple: This tea was very simple but lovely. I actually had almost forgotten what plain black tea tasted like since I usually drink black tea with other components in it. I could see this being a wonderful drink to either drink hot and straight, or drink cold (maybe even with some lemonade YUM). The black tea was ethically sourced from Jasbirey Village – Ilam, Nepal. Instead of cane sugar, this tea uses maple syrup granules which actually come from Vermont. I could definitely smell the maple when brewing and with each sip. You can click on the picture to the right and be directed to the Embrew website to learn more about this tea!

My Analyzation: Very simple blend, straightforward. I could smell the maple in the bag before brewing and definitely with each sip, I could taste the maple.

Ingredients: Black tea, 100% maple syrup granules (Vermont maple tree sap)

Bourbon Smoked White: This one was quite delicious and savory. I could taste the smokiness of the tea and it was so comforting to taste. I am also usually not the biggest fan of white teas, but I do not know if I brewed it just right or if the quality of the white tea is better than I usually have. It was just a very tasty, yummy tea. The white tea comes from the Thyolo District, Malawi. And somehow (I don’t know how) they managed to smoke sugar which gives the tea a smokey oak taste and smell. You can click on the picture to the left and be directed to the Embrew site to learn more about this tea!

My Analyzation: Smokey hints with every sip. It was a very smooth white tea. As it cooled, the sweetness became more prominent for me.

Ingredients: White tea, smoked demerara sugar

Creamy Honey Oolong: Somehow, I managed to steep this oolong correctly. (I usually start steeping and then forget and it is dreadfully oversteeped) I could taste the sweetness a little more than the other teas right away in this tea. There is a creaminess undertone as well. The oolong green tea came from Lishan (Pear Mountain) in Nantou, Taiwan. According to their website, you can actually steep this tea up to three times per pouch. You can click on the picture to the right and be directed to the Embrew website to learn more about this tea!

My Analyzation: I can smell the honey when I smell the tea. It tastes like a quality oolong, but I taste more sweetness in this tea than the others. There is a lot of room in the tea bag as well for the tea to unfurl out of the oolong balls, which I think is cool. It is creamy and smooth.

Ingredients: Oolong green tea, honey granules (refiners sugar, honey)

Lavender Chamomile Kick: This tea with the Bourbon White is probably two of my favorites. The chamomile tasted so fresh, and I really enjoyed drinking it before bed. I was very surprised to see when looking at the ingredient list that red pepper flakes were in this tea. I did not even taste it. Apparently steeping this tea longer actually gives it a slight kick! But the taste of the tea was quite lovely and the chamomile and lavender were blended quite lovely.
You can click on the picture to the left and be directed to the Embrew site to learn more about this tea!

My Analyzation: Very strong chamomile notes, with very subtle lavender. Drank before bed and slept well. I really enjoyed this tea.

Ingredients: Organic cane sugar, organic lavender buds, organic chamomile flowers, organic peppermint leaves, lemon oil, red pepper flakes.

Steamed Honey Green: I noticed, with all of the teas but especially the Steamed Honey Green, that I do not notice the sweetness right away. It is when the tea has cooled some that I notice that there is a sweetener in it. I think this is my taste buds coming into play, and at no fault of the teas. This tea had seemed to smell more floral before steeping and then after steeping is when the green tea smell really became prominent. This green tea came from the Thyolo District, Malawi. You can click on the picture to the right and be directed to the Embrew website to learn more about this tea!

My Analyzation: Wish the honey flavor was brought out a bit more, but that is a personal preference. Usually, if I put honey in my tea, I really want to taste it. But it was very subtle, so I think many people would enjoy the light sweetness.

Ingredients: green tea, honey granules (refiners sugar, honey)

The Price:

These teas are $15.95 for a pack of 10 tea pouches. It states on the website that you can double steep so you would be getting about 20 cups of tea for that price. Do keep in mind though that the sweetener is usually gone by first steeping so your second cup will be pure tea and you may have to add your own sweetener. So, by doing the math, you have a pouch of tea costing about $1.60. I do not think that is an unfair price especially since this product is very innovative. Also, as I mentioned earlier, they have free shipping on domestic ground (anywhere in the USA).

I think this tea concept is quite interesting. This company is one of the first U.S companies to put sweetener in their teas (we aren’t even going to count Lipton and their “pre-sweetened” teas, but it might be good to mention that David’s Tea from Canada, I believe, also has a sweetened tea as well). So, it is quite innovative. These teas seem like they would be extremely good for traveling or for work, as you wouldn’t have to bring sweetener and the bag is actually super long and can work sort of like a spoon. I am really excited to continue to see this tea and company develop over time. I will always support a company that fights to provide ethically sourced, environmentally friendly tea. So, there are my thoughts on Embrew.

What do you think? Any companies I should try next? Any more detail I should provide in my reviews? Let me know! But until then, Happy Brewing!


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