A Tea-Lover’s Gift Guide for Mother’s Day

A Tea-Lover’s Gift Guide for Mother’s Day

Ah, Mother’s Day. I do not know about you but I really struggle with what to get my mom on this special day. Flowers to enjoy? Massage? Plants for her garden? There are so many and yet so little options if you know what I mean. I always go in with best intentions and then end up getting a garden decoration or plant. Well, I am going to try and help. This helps me, and could help you! Here is a list full of ideas (tea inspired) that your mom is sure to love! Just a disclaimer that this post contains some affiliate links.

1) Instead of a Bouquet of Flowers, do Flower Infusers!

I am quite proud of this idea actually. My mom loves flowers, but they end up being a lot of upkeep and short-lived. So, I searched the internet to try and find flower infusers! If your mom drinks tea, she will love this gift! The one I found is a 4-pack Flower Tea Infuser (Silicone & Metal). The infuser is both silicone and metal (If you read Tea Infusers | What I have Learned, then you know I do not really like just silicone infusers), so it looks like it takes the best of both materials to make a great gift for your mom. You could also add a loose-leaf tea in addition to the infuser bouquet for an added touch!

2) Embrace the Garden Art Train!

As I said, garden art or plants are my go-to for Mother’s Day, but no more! I think tea inspired garden art would really elevate the normal garden art gift. If your mother likes garden art that sticking into the ground, she might enjoy the Teapot Tall Garden Stake, but if she prefers something hanging from her porch, she might enjoy something like the Wind Chime Copper & Gem Teapot Hanging Garden Decoration Collection. These, of course, are from Amazon, but your local garden/sculpture store might have more options! Plus you would also be supporting a local store, which is always recommended on my part.

3) Working Woman Tea Kit!

There is nothing like a good cup of tea when you are stressed at the office! That’s why I thought of this perfect Mother’s Day gift. You can make an Office Tea kit for your mother! What you need:

Take the glass jars and fill them with either the loose-leaf teas or with the tea pouches (this works especially if you use tea you already have in your personal stash that is not individually wrapped). Then it is up to you to how you want each item placed in the bag! I personally think this is a great idea and am planning on actually bringing my own work tea kit into my job this summer.

4) Buy a Tea Kit from a Tea Company!

Many companies take advantage of holidays to promote their own products or to introduce new ways of pushing out their products. Since it is a favorite brand of my family, let’s look at what Harney&Sons has to offer for Mother’s Day.

  • Mother’s Day Duo: This tea gift combines two teas which were especially picked out for mothers. Their Tea “Paris” and “Mother’s Bouquet” is included.
  • Mother’s Day Tray Gift: This tea gift includes “Tower of London Tea Blend”, Allen’s Shortbread, one MilkBoy Milk Chocolate Bar, MilkBoy Dark Chocolate Bar, and one Rinse Bath & Body Honey Lip Balm.
  • Mother’s Bouquet Tea Sachets: These sachets would be perfect for the Working Woman Tea Gift!
  • Teatime with Mom Gift Set: This tea gift set includes Jane’s Garden Tin of 20 Sachets, Mother’s Bouquet Tin of 20 Sachets, Grey Ghost Lemon Sugar cookies, For Life Lime Curve Teapot 24 fl. oz. (My FAV teapot infuser btw), and Mierco tea towel.

Still stuck on what to get your mom? Maybe make her dinner or take her out to her favorite restaurant! Make her feel special! Well, there it is. Hopefully, this gift guide helps you out or sparks more ideas! Comment below what you are planning for Mother’s Day! Happy Brewing!


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