Tea India | Ginger Chai Tea Review

Tea India | Ginger Chai Tea Review

I am always down for a cup of chai tea. In fact, once I was craving one so bad that I tried to make my own, Making Black Chai Tea from Scratch…Kinda. So, I was extremely excited when Tea India reached out to me and asked me to review their ginger chai tea! They ended up sending me both their ginger chai tea sachets and their instant ginger chai tea latte mix. Here is what I thought!

Brief Overview: Tea India

The founder of Tea India had one goal in mind when coming to the US to start a tea company: to bring quality black tea into the US market. But not only that, find a way to bring the authentic taste of Indian Chai to that market. With tea sourced from Assam, they promise quality tea that surpasses expectations. They are available in almost every Indian market in the US and are trying to work themselves into all grocery markets nationwide.

The Teas:

Ginger Chai: This tea is quite a good value for how much you get and how little you pay. I will explain the price in a separate paragraph. I really only have had Tazo Chai before, so I was quite excited to get my hands on some other versions of chai. This tea is quite delicious. The tea was very good when steeped normally in water, but also very good when steeped in hot milk. The ginger was not overwhelming either but balanced quite well. I usually find that teas that are priced inexpensively are usually not very well balanced or good quality, but I was very happy that the case was quite different here. If you click on the picture, you will be navigated to the page where you can further investigate the ginger chai tea sachets.

Ingredients: Black Tea, Ginger Root, Natural Flavors.

Chai Moments – Ginger Instant Chai Tea Latte: I had never had a chai latte before so I was quite excited to try out this product. The experience I had was quite a good one, to say the least. The product mixed very well initially and tasted like creamy ginger tea. The reason why I say initially is due to the product eventually settling if the tea is not consumed within a reasonable timeline. However, that seems to happen with most instant products like hot chocolate and instant lattes. This tea did make me feel quite energized throughout the day. And the ratio of ginger and sweetness is quite balanced so I think it will satisfy a wide range of tasting palates. If you click on the picture, you will be navigated to the page where you can further investigate the instant ginger chai.

Ingredients: Cane Sugar, Whole Milk Powder, Skim Milk Powder, Instant Black Tea, Vegetable Fiber (Chicory), Natural Flavor, Ginger

Price: Yay or Nay?

The Ginger Chai Tea sachets are a great bargain. A pack of 72 sachets, is $5.95. That is a fantastic deal for the quality and quantity of the tea. That comes out to $0.08 a sachet and since the tea can be double steeped, there is insane value here. When I looked up prices, I was honestly blown away.

For the Instant Ginger Chai Tea Latte Packets, I think there definitely good value here as well for what you get, but it seems not as good of a bargain as the sachets. For $6.95, you get 10 instant packets. That equivalates to about $0.70 per tea, with no chance to double steep since it is all instant and stirred into the cup. I still would consider this a good deal since most Starbucks or coffee shops would charge you anywhere from $3-5 for a Chai Tea Latte.

What do you think? Have you tried Tea India before or want to now? You can click on the pictures of the teas and be redirected to the website where you can further check them out. Until next time, Happy Brewing!


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