Teasup Tea | Tea & Company Review

Teasup Tea | Tea & Company Review

After doing an article on ethically sourced tea companies and why it is important (Ethically Sourced Tea | Does it really Matter?), a UK Tea Company called Teasup Tea reached out to me via Instagram. They were interested in my article and we reached an agreement about a collaboration. Through my research and our conversations, I learned about their environmentally conscious branding and the close relationships they form with the farms that they source their tea from. It made me happy to see tea companies doing as much as they possibly can to provide excellent quality tea, a way to help the environment, and a way to ethically source their tea. I am beyond excited to dive into this tea review with you, so let’s get started.

We’re an independent business that believes in drinking better: better quality whole leaf tea, better for the environment, better for the people who pick and grow it.

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White Tea and Mango: I was so excited to try this tea based on smell alone, it was so fragrant and beautiful. I love mango anything. The idea of a beautifully balanced mango tea was making my mouth water before the brewing process began. I was unsure of how I felt about this tea at first as the mango flavor was more subdued. But….as the tea cooled, all of the flavors seemed to identify themselves and come out even more. The tea developed into a very complex but delicate flavor. I really enjoyed drinking it. I found myself making a pot of this tea for my family and many other cups during the last few weeks. I was pretending that I needed to taste the tea again for this review, but it was because I really wanted to continue to drink the tea. Teasup provides a food pairing recommendation of porridge, pancakes, salads, dishes with coconut, lime, and desserts.

Ingredients: White Tea, Mango, Natural flavor, Marigold Flowers. 

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Malawian Smoked Guava Tea: I love smoked tea. This is a new discovery. I think there was a smoked-tea hole in my heart that has now been filled. There is something just so different and unique about the taste, with a warm, pleasantness attached to it. This tea turns into a very beautiful amber color. In addition to the lovely visual, my nose was going crazy for the smoky smell which the cup wafted towards my nose with every sip. I definitely had brewed a second steeping, as I really could not get enough of this tea. (I also made a cup for my brother-in-law and he loved this te as well!) I am usually skeptical of black tea with no additional ingredients (I have the assumption that it would be bland), but the smokiness adds a new layer to the tea. It is quite complex in its own way. This tea was specifically picked out for me based on my ethically sourced tea article and the black tea used is sourced from the Satemwa Estate (Fairtrade compliant, followed by UTZ and Rainforest Certifications after). Supposedly, this tea goes well with strong meat dishes like smoked ham or salmon. And Teasup also informed me that this tea is a favorite with whiskey drinkers (the brother-in-law agreed).

Ingredients: Smoked Black Tea. 

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Good Night Infusion Tea: Chamomile teas make me so impatient. I love them, but waiting for the tea to cool feels like it takes forever. Am I the only one who thinks this? But let me tell you that this tea was totally worth the wait. It turned a brilliant yellow while steeping, and I could definitely smell the chamomile and lavender blending together. The taste was very smooth, very calming. As it should be. And very simple. I like this chamomile tea mostly because of its simple ingredient list. Three ingredients. No added flavors or unknown “natural flavors”. I really enjoy when all the ingredients are listed and you know exactly what you are getting with every sip. This tea definitely got me in the sleeping mood.

Ingredients: Camomile Flowers, Rose Petals, Lavender. 

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The Teasup Breakfast Blend: Thinking back, I do not know if I have ever had a Breakfast Blend tea before. I do not know how that certain type has evaded me but I am happy to report that I have now tried it, and really like it. This tea turned a really beautiful red amber color and smelled like black tea (of course). Within the first few sips, I could tell that this was a high-quality black tea blend. It had a smooth taste. The food pairing with it is as follows: English breakfast, continental breakfast, muesli, porridge, hearty full-flavoured foods, cakes and chocolate. Unfortunately, I did not drink this tea with a hearty breakfast, but I imagine it would be just as good with eggs and bacon as it was with my granola bars.

Ingredients: Black Tea. 

Price: So, this company is in the UK…so the prices are in Euros. I am assuming it would change to whatever currency you are familiar with at checkout. The Goodnight Infusion Tea and the Teasup Breakfast Blend is priced at 6.45 Euros ($7.22) for either 20 pyramid bags or 5.45 Euros ($6.10) for a pouch of loose leaf tea (75 g for the Teasup Breakfast Blend and 37.5 for the Goodnight Infusion Tea). The Malawian Smoked Guava is priced at 9.95 Euros ($11.14) for 20 pyramid bags or 50g of loose leaf tea. The White Tea and Mango is priced at 8.95 ($9.91)Euros for 20 pyramid bags or 50g of loose leaf tea. Honestly, I think the prices are extremely fair and similar to other company’s prices that I have seen. I do not know how much shipping would be to the US but, whatever it takes to get myself more of that Malawian Smoked Guava Tea would be worth it to me.

Environmentally Friendly: This brand is very focused on helping the environment and helping the people who make their tea possible. With that in mind, the tea bags are biodegradable pyramids tea bags made from
plastic-free renewable plant starch. The tea kraft paper pouches are biodegradable with a biodegradable inner-lining. The tea labels are made from renewable wood-pulp, and any mailing bags that they used to send me the tea are made from 100% recycled material. Everything is biodegradable.

I hope you guys have as much fun reading these reviews as I do putting them together. I love each person that I meet and interact with for each review and am so happy to help use this platform for everyone! So until next time, Happy Brewing!!


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