Week of Tea Reviews Day 3 | Twin Flame Tea

Week of Tea Reviews Day 3 | Twin Flame Tea

Day three of the tea reviews! Today’s company is Twin Flame Tea, a company who has just rebranded and is back better than ever! They sell premium organic tea, but they also sell tea with the option of making it CBD tea. (I only reviewed the regular type of tea). I really enjoyed their variety of teas and I am excited to share my thoughts with you!

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Analyzation of the Tea:

Pucker Up: This tea is fantastic. It tastes lemony and delicious. I first made it into iced tea and it was incredibly refreshing! I was expecting the color of this tea to be more of a yellow color due to the lemon and citrusy connotation with the name, but it ended up being a beautiful magenta like color. My boyfriend must have liked it too because he drank half of my Yeti cup full of this tea iced. I was fairly surprised that I could not taste the hibiscus being that hibiscus is usually a fairly prominent flavor. The lemon was definitely the dominant flavor, which was especially noticeable when the tea was hot instead of iced. This tea actually reminded me a bit of Lemon Life by Bigelow so if you like that tea, you would love this.

Ingredients: Hibiscus, Pineapple Pieces, Orange Peel, Lemon Grass, Lavender, Natural and Artificial Flavoring

Choco-Holic: I think the first time I tried this tea, I was not in the mood for chocolate. But the second time….I was definitely intrigued and excited by this tea. I had steeped the tea for 3 minutes but it was not quite enough flavor so I tried another minute and it was perfect. The tannin taste in the black tea and Puerh really developed and came through. The light chocolate taste was delicately balanced through the tea so there was a healthy dose of both chocolate and tea. I really was surprised. My first impression of this tea had completely changed. (I also am not the largest chocolate fan for some context). But this tea was quite different from anything else I have tried and I was quite happy with the taste and experience. It had a semi-chocolate smell but I could not quite identify what exactly I was smelling. My nose thought it was chocolate, but it wasn’t quite.

Ingredients: Puerh Tea, Black Tea Cocoa Nibs, Carob, Cocoa Husk, Natural Flavoring

Analyzation of the Price:

This tea is $9.99 for 5 sachets of regular premium organic tea and $19.99 for 5 sachets of their CBD version of the same tea. I only reviewed their regular tea. It does seem slightly higher to pay for buying tea bags, coming in at $2 a cup for regular tea and $4 for their CBD option. That seems a little expensive to me, but the quality of organic tea makes the price a bit better.

I hope you enjoyed day 3 of tea reviews! Which one has been your favorite so far? Happy brewing!!


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