Week of Tea Reviews Day 4 | The Lunar Tea Co

Week of Tea Reviews Day 4 | The Lunar Tea Co

Any tea that can help you get away and focus on yourself is a favorite for me. Tea is all about the experience: the process of making the tea, the aroma, and finally, the taste. Today’s tea was an absolute delight to try and review. The Lunar Tea Co sent me a sample of their Full Moon Tea Blend to review for you guys, and this tea is definitely a favorite of mine now.

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Analyzation of the Tea:

Full Moon Tea Blend: There just so happened to be a full moon when I brewed it, but I am unsure if I felt any different drinking it during a full moon and then later during a waning moon. Their website states “To ritually drink this tea at the true Full Moon, or during the Full Moon of your body’s cycle (ovulation), is to open to the universe and your higher self.” I did really enjoy the tea but am unsure if I felt anymore elevated or aware. However, this tea has taken over the hearts of those in my house. I love it. My mom loves it (she says it is her new favorite). We made a pot of this tea and she has now re-steeped it 3 times! And it still had great flavor! The peaceful serenity that this tea brings me (sounds like I am being disingenuine but I am being 100% honest), has helped me sleep and just made me feel a little more connected to myself. I feel like I am able to block out the outside a bit more and focus on how the tea is actually making me feel. The tea is very light and delicate with a gentle lemon taste. The aroma of the tea when brewing and when sipping, is beautiful lavender and slightly of cinnamon. I think the blend of this tea was wonderfully done.

Ingredients: Rose, Lavender, Lemongrass, Cinnamon, Yarrow, Mugwort

I loved this little note on the back of the tea package, so I wanted to share:

Oftentimes, today’s world feels so linear. In their truest essence, our bodies are cyclic, just like the moon. Each moon cycle offers different magic and advantages for us to work with. When we are able to ground in and flow with that unique energy, our bodies are able to sync with the moon and her cycles. A grounded being is a happy being. One who is able to take on the day, and get things done, all while still making time for what’s important. We are all looking for ways to add mindful ritual, feel more connected, and reach our highest potential. Why not start with a pot of tea?

The Lunar Tea Co

Analyzation of the Price:

This tea comes in a tin for $14.99. I could not find any information on the quantity of tea that comes in the tin, but it does seem like a good amount based on pictures. I think the price is fair for specialty (or ritual) tea.

Analyzation of the Company:

This company was formulated in a dream. No….it really was. The owner dreamed of her next steps in life, which happened to be blending tea. It was then that they took their knowledge and passion of the moon cycles (Full, New, Waxing, Waning) and then formulated teas to match those cycles of energy and magic. The teas were made with hope to “aid the drinker in adopting that energy and living a more cyclic existence.” I love the idea of chasing your dream, and the owner of this company honestly did that. I really think that this company has caught something special and completely figured out how to make a tea that makes you more connected to yourself (and maybe aid in any ritual you might participate in).

What did you think of day 4? What kind of teas do you go for when you want to feel relaxed and connected to your inner self? Comment below! Happy Brewing!


3 thoughts on “Week of Tea Reviews Day 4 | The Lunar Tea Co

  1. Hi, Mom here. No kidding this really is my new favorite tea. Very light, packed with flavor and great for Summertime. It is everything you want a tea to be. Great aroma and taste. If you like herbal teas and much as I do you should give it a try.

  2. I do love me some rose aromas in my tea. Its interesting that it’s blended with lavender though. I would expect that since lavender can be quite a strong flavor.

    I tend to either go for minty tisanes or teas blended with warming spices (like a sliced chai) when I want to feel connected with my inner self.

    1. I really love all kinds of tisanes. I have not yet tasted one that I disliked. This tea, in particular, made me feel great.

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