Week of Tea Reviews Day 5 | Peerie Tea

Week of Tea Reviews Day 5 | Peerie Tea

Today is the final day of the week of tea reviews. Peerie Tea is a tea company in Hong Kong who sources from small local estates. Their tea is all handpicked and processed naturally. Their website is currently being developed so this will simply be an analyzation of the tea since there is no price to analyze.

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Analyzation of the Tea:

Yunnan Golden Needle: This tea was full of tanninly goodness. Golden Needle tea comes from the newly sprouted tips of the tea plant. At first, the tea just tasted like a normal black tea, but when I tried this tea a second time, there was a more complex taste than just black tea. The aroma when brewing was a bit more nutty smelling (I do not know any other way to describe this tea), and the nuttiness flavor tied with the light tannin taste continued in the taste of the tea. According to Peerie Tea, the smell of this tea is similar to coconut, cocoa beans, and roasted sugar cane. I could not really identify any scent except for a slightly sweetened aroma which could have been roasted sugar cane and the nutty smell when it was brewing. All in all, this tea was quite delightful to drink and I really enjoyed the experience that this tea brought me.

Ingredients: black tea

Divine Tea: This tea is quite herby tasting with a very slight taste of mint near the end (I do not know how I am tasting mint). As I continue to sip on this tea, I could identify a slight raspberry taste as well. I was slightly sad that the orange flavor and stevia did not come out more. But overall, this tea had a nice delicate flavor which made it a relaxing blend before bedtime. When sipping the tea, I caught a quick whiff of cinnamon but was unable to identify a cinnamon taste when drinking the tea. In the package, the aroma of the tea was beautiful. I could smell the mixture of cinnamon and raspberry, along with a few notes of something that I could not quite identify. I did enjoy this tea, but I think the other tea gave me a more relaxing and whole experience.

Ingredients: Raspberry Leaf, Nettles, Linden Flower, Cinnamon, Orange Peel, Rose Petals, Stevia

I do have to give a little love to the packaging of these samples. I love the plastic covering that shows the loose leaf really makes the packaging pop and look great. Also, my tea samples were sent in a cute package that had Tea & Me written out in a beautiful script.

I love these companies that show that they really care about the quality and the experience of the tea. Peerie Tea supports their local tea farms! It is great to see companies really understand that the environment that tea grows in, is important! Happy Brewing!


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