Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea | Two Sisters Tea

Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea | Two Sisters Tea

I have always enjoyed hibiscus in my tea. In fact, I found that I used to be drawn to any tea that had hibiscus. So, when Two Sisters Tea came to me and asked for me to review their tea, I was super excited to try pure Rosa de Jamaica hibiscus tea. Through this review, I decided that I wanted to add research about the different health benefits of drinking hibiscus tea since hibiscus tea tastes like…hibiscus. Here is my review of Two Sisters Tea and why you should add a little hibiscus to your tea routine!

Two Sisters Tea Company Analyzation:

Just like the South has Sweet Iced Tea, the two sisters, Jessica Michelle and Claudia Maria, wanted to bring some Guatemalan iced tea tradition to the US. This tradition? Iced Rosa de Jamaica Hibiscus Tea. When more health benefits information became available to the general public, Jessica and Claudia decided that they wanted to share their (and their children’s) favorite drink and make it available to everyone! This Two Sisters Tea was born.

Analyzation of the Tea:

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Original Hibiscus Iced Tea: This tea was very interesting for me to consume. I followed their brewing instructions to a T except for the adding honey part (which I actually regretted). The amount of tea you can brew with one large sachet is quite insane and I have a theory that you could double steep it as well (which I did not since I made a huge pitcher of the tea and did not have any more room for the tea in my fridge). The taste of the tea itself was quite strong and tart. It took me a little bit to get used to the taste, but I did wish that I had sweetened the tea a tiny bit so I was able to fully enjoy the tea.

When making this tea, I did the strategy of steeping the tea in 4 cups of boiling water and then adding 6 cups of cold water. It did not fully cool down the tea but I added a cup of ice cubes as well which helped a lot. When brewing this tea, make sure to add the honey in between pouring the cold water (it can be quite tart otherwise).

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Hibiscus Iced Tea with Dried Pineapple: This tea was very similar to the original flavor, except there was a little extra sweetness from the pineapple. However, I added honey this time to sweeten up the tea. My mom did not enjoy the original flavor so much due to its tartness, but she really enjoyed (and ended up finishing off the pitcher) the pineapple hibiscus tea. I also enjoyed pouring a large glass of this tea and taking it to work, it really took me to a different place when drinking.

For this tea, I brewed the tea in 4 cups of boiling water and then added 6 cups of ice cubes instead of cold water. I found this did help cool the tea down quicker. When making the tea again, I will make sure to continue to use the ice cubes instead of the cold water.

Benefits of Hibiscus Tea Analyzation:

There are many, many reasons that you should be adding hibiscus tea to your tea drawer! Hibiscus tea had a lot more benefits than I expected. It is beautiful on the outside and makes you feel beautiful on the inside. Here are some of the top reasons:

  1. Antioxidants!!: Hibiscus is literally packed with antioxidants. When given potent doses, rats showed an increase in antioxidants and decrease in free radicals.
  2. Lower Blood Pressure: This is not 100% scientifically confirmed. In a small study, the participants drank hibiscus tea daily for six weeks experienced a decrease in their blood pressure! Though, there is a danger of drinking this tea along with taking prescriptions, as it can lower your blood pressure to dangerous levels.
  3. Lower Cholesterol! Wooo!: Drinking this tea can help keep your cholesterol level. In fact, the “good” cholesterol levels rise and the “bad” cholesterol levels decreased. It is interesting to note that some studies actually showed that hibiscus tea had no effect on the cholesterol and that a larger scale study should be conducted to produce clearer results.
  4. Aids your Digestive System: Hibiscus tea can help you go to the bathroom easier by acting as a natural diuretic.
  5. Help your Liver: In a study conducted on rats, there were signs of decreased liver damage after being treated with hibiscus extract. This is because the hibiscus promotes drug-detoxifying enzymes, which help with the health of your liver.
  6. Weight Loss?: There is a study that showed that taking hibiscus extract “reduced body weight, body fat, body mass index, and hip-to-waist ratio”.

Analyzation of the Pricing:

Each bag of 3 large iced tea pouches is $7.99 each. I consider this extremely good value for the amount of tea you get. Each container makes about 30 cups of tea, this is not even considering if you double steep. However, I only steeped once since I did not need two huge pitchers full of tea.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this tea review and health benefits analysis. One experiment I want to do with this tea is to make some fun tea-related drinks with the strong hibiscus taste. Have you guys ever tried hibiscus tea? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments! Happy Brewing!


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