The Country House Co | Tea Review

The Country House Co | Tea Review

Today’s tea review comes from The Country House Co. This company previously only served their tea at luxury hotels like the Mandarin Oriental, Four Seasons, The St. Regis, and Peninsula Hotels. They recently wanted to offer their teas on more of a retail level and asked for me to review their teas! Also, they want to help out all of you and get you 15% off by using this code: “TEA-ME-15”!

Analyzation of the Teas:

The Enchanted Orchard: This tea was excellent, perfectly blended and just really light and nice to drink. It was probably some of the best Darjeeling Tea that I have (although my experience is rather limited). It was so beautifully aromatic, it actually filled up my car when I was drinking it on my way to work. The tea was both light and delicate, and complex and packed with flavor at the same time. I could taste the Darjeeling right away and then some of the more fruity flavors showed up. There were some mango and peach flavors that kinda appeared more towards the top of my palette (Isn’t it odd when you taste flavors in particular areas of your mouth?).

The appearance was a pale yellow, on verge of being orange color but as it steeps more it turns a beautiful orange. The orange color was very oversteeped as I had brewed a mini pot of this with the leaves swirling around freely, so a beautiful mistake. I would highly recommend brewing this tea for only about 3 minutes, as it was then perfect.

Ingredients: Mango, Kiwi, Peach, Papaya, First Flush Darjeeling, Second Flush Darjeeling

The Delhi Sultanate – Royal Masala Chai: I tried this tea exactly opposite of how I tried the other chai, with only water and steeping in a diffuser. It was a bit strong and I could tell that it needed the proper chai treatment. So, I tried to make it again. So I whipped up some boiled water, added some milk (lactose-free), and then steeped the tea over the stove. After it finished brewing, I then drained the tea and waited for it to cool. After tasting it a bit, I decided a bit of honey would really enhance this drink and then it was finally ready to be consumed. I think I still have some work to do on perfecting how to make chai, but this cup definitely was better.

For only two ingredients, this tea really packs a punch full of spice and flavor. You can tell the quality of the Assam CTC based on how well it accepted the milk and honey along with the robust flavor that was present. But the Saffron really made its presence known a few seconds after a sip, which is weird to note. But, it took a few seconds for that little spice to come through.

Ingredients: Saffron, Assam CTC

The Ambassador – Calcutta Masala Chai: I think I need to work on how to make Chai. It did not help that I was trying this tea while on my first week of being lactose-free with lactose-free milk. The first cup of this tea was a little weak. I was unsure how much milk to put in and it seemed like 2 minutes steeping time was too short. But even after the first cup, I can tell that when I figure out how to make this, it will be beautifully spiced. The second time making this I had asked Country House Co for some assistance and was advised one part milk to three parts water. This tea came out much better than before. I think out of all of the teas, this tea was not my favorite compared to the Royal Masala Chai. I was really struggling to pull out all of the spice from the tea and brew this chai tea.

Ingredients: Ginger, Elaichi, Clove, Cinnamon, Tulsi, Loose Leaf Tea

Georgian Peach: This tea tasted exactly how I wanted it to, the tannins of the black tea mixed perfectly with the peach taste. Also, the smell of the tea when I opened the bag was exquisite and continued to have a great aroma while steeping. I am so happy that found a peach tea that was not full of weird ingredients but the ingredients that a peach tea should be: Peach and Tea. I think the peach tea would be amazing iced, especially on a hot day by the pool or on the beach.

Funny story with this tea though. My brother, mom, and I all shared a pot of tea in the morning. I drank mine before my commute to work, and my brother put his tea in a Yeti and drank it periodically during the morning. As soon as I went to work, I needed to use the restroom. And again, 20 minutes later. And once more, 20 minutes later. I did not think anything of it until my brother and I were home and he commented that he needed to go to the bathroom after drinking the tea. I do not think it had anything to do with this tea in general, but how caffeine affects my family’s bladders.

Ingredients: Natural Peach, Assam Orthodox Black Tea

Paraguayan Passion Fruit: This tea had a beautiful aroma, so much that it really just completed the entire tea drinking experience. When I opened the bag, the tea was just so aromatic and fruity that I needed to steep this tea ASAP! But alas, I had to wait until the morning since I cannot have caffeinated tea after 5 pm. But in the morning, I was so excited to start steeping. I think the tea leaves must have been more delicate than the other teas. Even though I had timed the tea, it was slightly oversteeped and I really needed multiple cups before I actually had a good feeling about the tea. But it was very lightly flavored, I tried this tea again and it came out very smooth and slightly sweet.

Ingredients: Passionfruit, Assam Orthodox Black Tea

Analyzation of the Price:

This tea company is based in India, so the prices are not in USD. So, here are the prices of each tea in USD:

  • The Ambassador Exquisite: Calcutta Masala Chai – $3.54
  • The Enchanted Orchard – $11.34
  • Georgian Peach – $4.96
  • Paraguayan Passion Fruit – $5.67
  • The Delhi Sultanate: Royal Saffron Masala Chai – $4.25

There is also a standard shipping rate for international packages of $10. Honestly, the pricing on these teas is extremely reasonable. Even the most expensive tea, The Enchanted Orchard, I would 100% buy because I was that happy with the tea. Also, they are offering a code for 15% off and the offer does not expire! The code is “TEA-ME-15”!

I love tasting the teas of the world. This tea from India was so fun for me to review and I cannot wait for the next tea review! Happy Brewing!


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