Tipson Tea | Tea Review

Tipson Tea | Tea Review

I love trying different teas, especially tea that is individually packaged. I love the mobility of them and how taking them to work is absolutely no hassle. So Tipson Tea reached out to me to try their teas and I, of course, accepted. They sent me a wide variety of teas and of varying ingredients. Here are my thoughts.

Health Benefits of Matcha:

Matcha has some interesting health benefits: Antioxidant punch!, a healthy amount of caffeine and a nice high and low with respect to caffeine, increased productivity, possible cancer-preventing properties, help your cholesterol levels, and help your bones.

Analyzation of the Teas:

Matcha Honey & Lemon: I cold-brewed this tea overnight to try and see what the full flavor of this tea was. I was unsure of how Matcha cold-brews overnight but was very excited this morning. The matcha taste was actually quite subtle and the honey really showed through in this tea. Actually, the matcha and honey really blended well together. The lemon flavor slid in through over the top of the matcha and honey and helped tie the entire tea together. I am unsure if the caffeine in the matcha was actually effecting me or not because I was fairly tired and was having a hard time snapping out of it. But all being said, this was one of my favorite teas from this review. The honey and lemon so nicely complimented the Matcha and did not overwhelm it, which was great.

Ingredients: Organic Matcha with Organic Green Tea, Organic Lemongrass, and Natural Flavour Lemon and Honey

Matcha Blueberry: I tried this tea iced and am very excited to try it again hot. The matcha flavor was the most present with a hint of blueberry coming up behind the matcha. I feel as if I was to cold brew this tea, some of the flavors would have shown up more. So, that will be my next experiment when trying this tea, instead of watering it down with a lot of ice cubes. I really enjoyed my second cup of this tea as well, the matcha seems to be the front runner of this tea, with the blueberry mostly just hinting in the background. I could have used a bit more blueberry, but it still was extremely satisfying to taste.

Ingredients: Organic Matcha with Organic Green Tea and Natural Flavour Blueberry

Health Benefits of Turmeric:

Some of turmeric’s shining qualities include: reduces inflammation, natural pain relief, help improve the function of the Liver, could reduce the risk of cancer, and aids in digestion. There are some side effects of turmeric, but most apply if you over-do it with the turmeric.

Analyzation of the Teas:

Turmeric & Chamomile: This tea was very calming and light tasting. The chamomile really took over and I was unable to taste the Turmeric, which was slightly upsetting. It was a very smooth tasting tea, but the most prominent taste was definitely the Chamomile with a slight basil compliment. I drank this tea before bed and it really helped me to unwind after a long day or work and then coming home and blogging. I think I would have liked to taste the turmeric more, but I will still happily drink this chamomile before bed. The smell of the tea should also be noted because it smelled so calming and really helped the entire experience.

Ingredients: Organic Chamomile, Organic Tumeric, Organic Lemongrass, and Organic Basil

Turmeric Ginger & Cinnamon: This tea is quite a mild one. I think that if people like a more mellow tea, this tea would especially be good for them. I, however, thought this was more a cinnamon-basil tasting tea. I could slightly taste the Tumeric and Ginger, but the cinnamon combined with the basil was definitely the leading taste. I really enjoyed the overall experience, I felt a lot more relaxed after drinking the tea. I also really, really enjoy mild, spiced teas. This seems to be a tea that everyone and anyone could enjoy, as it is mild, not super overpowering with the ginger. This tea is also a favorite of mine in this tea review, as it was very delightful to sip and take time for myself to relax and focus on the taste of the tea.

Ingredients: Organic Lemongrass, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Ginger, Organic Turmeric, and Organic Basil

Health Benefits of Moringa:

Moringa has many uses medicinally. It can be used to treat anemia, arthritis, rheumatism, asthma, constipation, diabetes, diarrhea, stomach pain, ulcers, intestinal spasms, headache, heart problems, high blood pressure, thyroid issues, and most infections. It also has many other ways to use it medicinally, such as inflammation, increased libido, and an immune system boost.

Analyzation of the Teas:

Moringa & Mango: Much like the green tea, the moringa ingredient kinda took over the taste of this tea. The grassiness taste of the tea was definitely present, but the mango really seemed to tone down the moringa. I am getting better at tasting moringa from this tea and the moringa & green tea, which is extremely fun for me. The only problem I had with this tea was the smell when brewing. It did not seem very appetizing to me based on the smell, but from taste alone, I loved this tea. I think there needed to be a bit more mango flavor since moringa is such a strong flavor and it tends to really overtake any other flavor. But that is not the tea companies fault but the ingredients.

Ingredients: Organic Moringa Leaf with Natural Flavour Mango

Moringa & Green Tea: From a taste standpoint, it was very refreshing (I cold-brewed it again) and I could taste the unique, grassy moringa flavor more than the green tea. I was hoping to taste the green tea a bit more, but it was very easy to drink. Out of all of the teas, this was probably my least favorite due to lack of activity in this tea. It was nice to drink, but there were no wow factors. It would have been nice to see a slight variation and add a couple more ingredients to really launch this product.

Ingredients: Organic Moringa Leaf with Organic Green Tea

What did you guys think? What powerhouses Matcha, Turmeric, and Moringa are! Have you guys heard of Moringa before? What is your experience? Let me know! Happy Brewing!


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