De Oliveira Tea House Review | Rooibos Tea

De Oliveira Tea House Review | Rooibos Tea

I really enjoy a good rooibos tea. They just relax me with their distinct taste and the versatility of it. So, when De Oliveira Tea House contacted me, I was extremely excited to receive their tea and review it for you! This tea company has an incredible story behind it, and I am excited to share my thoughts with you.

Analyzation of the Tea:

Sweet as Apple Pie: This tea was interesting to me, with a split experience honestly. I was expecting to have an aromatic apple pie scent when opening the bag but instead was met with a robust rooibos aroma. When brewing, I again expected some different scents but was met with the same rooibos aroma. I was slightly disappointed that the apple taste was not more apparent in this tea, but was equally happy that they did not use natural flavoring to attempt to get a stronger apple taste. The most prevelant taste was that of the rooibos and with hints of cinnamon around the tea. It was enjoyable to try, but I had a whole different picture in my head when thinking about this tea. I like having options when drinking tea before bed so the different kinds of rooibos tea was extremely nice to be able to choose (besides having chamomile every time). 

I tried this tea again cold-brewed and had an entirely different experience! The rooibos taste was more blended and the cinnamon really shined and made a nice presence in this tea. The resulting cold-brewed tea was quite refreshing and nice to continue to sip on. I even had the tea cold-brewed next to a hot-steeped version of it and did a side-by-side comparison. I think I enjoyed this version more than the hot version, I could identify more notes in the tea instead of being overwhelmed by the rooibos taste.

Ingredients: Organic Rooibos, Organic Honeybush, Organic Apple Pieces, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Ginger, Organic Vanilla Pod Powder

Turkish Delight: This tea was quite interesting compared to the Apple Pie Tea. There was again that strong Rooibos smell (actually almost smelled slightly stale but was not) as I opened the bag. However, this tea brewed quite differently. There was that beautiful rooibos taste, with a slight tangy sweetness at the end of the tea. So with each sip, I was able to taste the rose petals and the natural sweetness. I was unable to taste the vanilla and was slightly confused where that tangy sweetness was actually coming from. I enjoyed this tea right before bed and it definitely helped me get ready to sleep.

Ingredients: Organic Rooibos, Organic Rose Petals, Organic Roselle, Organic Vanilla Pod Powder

Mint Choc Chip: This tea was probably my favorite and definitely my mom’s favorite. I feel like this blend was perfectly named. The aroma was of strong mint with some rooibos. The actual taste of the tea was exactly what I expected as well. There was a beautiful mint taste followed by a creamy mild taste which was kind of chocolate flavored but more mild and relaxing. It really was a nice blend and the rooibos taste was more subdued compared to the other flavors. I definitely enjoyed this tea, but not as much as my mom. My mom enjoyed this tea more than any of the other rooibos teas as she does not enjoy super strong tastes of rooibos.

Ingredients: Organic Rooibos, Organic Spearmint, Organic Cacao Nibs

Analyzation of the Price:

This company sent me their collection pack, Tea Trio Pack – aka the cravings crusher, which had a $30 value. Since the individual pouches are 50 grams for $15, I think the sampler pack has very good value. The Tea Trio Pack has three 30 gram tea bags. This brand was created in honor of a friend (with the last name De Oliveira) and besides being made in memory of him, they also give back to the community. ” For each pack of De Oliveira Tea purchased, we reinvest $1 in Kiva Loans to help those less fortunate get on their feet. Purchasing this trio means you can stock up on Premium tea, and feel great about doing it.” This tea is a good price and you can feel good and give back!

Analyzation of the Packaging:

The packaging was really cute, but I think I will be moving the tea into more air-tight packaging. But this packaging was also biodegradable which was a very nice touch.

And there we are! I really enjoyed writing this review and sharing my thoughts with you! What is your favorite rooibos tea? Share in the comments! Happy Brewing!


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