Warmi Tea Review | Guayusa Tea

Warmi Tea Review | Guayusa Tea

Tea is tea is tea until it technically isn’t. While the word tea usually references leaves that come from the Camellia sinensis plant, herbal infusions are also considered tea since the steeping process is the same. So many other plants can bring beautiful benefits and a tea-like experience. Warmi is a company that sells Guayusa tea and is committed to quality tea that is ethically sourced. Guayusa comes from the holly tree in Ecuador, South America, and when brewed, gives an amazing experience which I cannot wait to share with you.

Analyzation of the Tea:

Premium Sun-Dried Guayusa Traditional: I was unsure what to expect when I saw the words Nutrient Dense Energy Drink. But I knew that I wanted to try it as soon as I could in the morning and test out its energy potency. However, I do not know if it was a placebo effect, but I could feel energy and alertness quite soon after taking my first few sips. The taste of this tea was quite earthy and it was hard to determine exactly what I was tasting (all I could think was “I do not know what this is, but I love it!”). I was quite shocked at its smooth taste and lack of bitterness especially since the tea was steeped at the recommended time of 5 minutes. According to their website, guayusa is related (“a botanical relative”) to Yerba Mate, which I have recently discovered a love for as well. While this tea felt very energizing, I also was calmed by the smooth, earthy taste (seemed like an odd combination). It does remind me a lot of Yerba Mate tea, so anyone who loves that tea, would absolutely love this tea.

Premium Sun-Dried Guayusa Chai: I really loved this tea. I was on board right away when I opened the bag and could smell and see the ingredients. The taste was such an unexpected surprise; where the original one was more earthy and grassy, this one has just hints of the original guayusa with a beautiful cinnamon chai taste. I think this tea would be best for the people who want all of the health benefits of guayusa but prefer that the taste of the guayusa be masked with other flavors. I, however, have options since I like them both. When sipping on this tea, the gentle cinnamon and cardamom notes really shined through, making this chai tea come alive. My first cup of tea had a lot more chai flavors than the second cup, and I could taste more of the guayusa this time around. The guayusa really blends well with that of the chai ingredients, and I really do not miss the black tea that chai usually is blended with.

Analyzation of the Ingredients:

Guayusa is an energy-packed ingredient from the leaf of a holly tree in South America. The energy in this tea is sustainable, designed to give a slow up and slow down which prevents that crashed feeling and alertness to help you complete all your tasks in a day which is due to the L-Theanine. Besides its energizing effects, it is believed to be nutrient-dense, full of antioxidants and vitamins, and packed full of health benefits. Guayusa can help with muscles repair, making this tea a great pre- or post-workout drink (this tea helps promote weight loss as well). It can also help with relaxing the chest, preventing or aiding coughing and the ailments which come with allergies or asthma. It also can help with cardiovascular issues, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Supposedly, since this tea is sun-dried, it will be a higher quality cup and actually helps the indigenous community who aids in the tea process. Warmi explains all of the benefits in further detail here.

Analyzation of the Price:

The original Guayusa tea is $15 for a 3.5 oz. (100g) pouch of tea. That is at least 50 servings of tea!!! That means that each serving is $0.30 for the original Guayusa. There is no way that I could even think to complain about the price of this tea. The Guayusa Chai tea is $17 for a 3.5 oz. (100g) pouch of tea. Again, there are at least 50 servings! The price per cup is $0.34. Again, this price is great for the amount of tea that you get and the quality of the product that you get!

Analyzation of the Packaging:

I love the look of the packaging of this tea, however, the resealable pouch and I are mortal enemies. The resealable part was extremely hard to close and every time that I thought it was close, I was wrong and I almost spilled the precious tea! However, once it was closed, it did stay closed and seemingly airtight! I will be keeping the tea in the respective pouches as I actually do not see a need to find a new container, besides the zip, it was fairly airtight. The packaging is also bio-degradable which might contribute to the zip issues.

And there we are! I definitely want to do a follow-up post about this tea and do a challenge to find the best energizing tea to fuel my workouts! Any thoughts? The nutrient-dense energy drink label on the packaging has me curious about how energized I would actually feel compared to normal energy drinks. Anyways, Happy Brewing!


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