Healthy Tea | Calm, Spice, and Heart Tea Review

Healthy Tea | Calm, Spice, and Heart Tea Review

It is always fun to experiment with tasting new teas, especially if they will benefit my health. Health Teas is a tea company who creates herbal tea blends specially blended from a Master Herbalist for the health of its consumers. They send me three of their teas: Calm, Spice, and Heart. They also gave me a small infuser to use, which was much appreciated. Here are my thoughts:

Analyzation of the Teas:

Calm: Lavender Tea = pure bliss. Most teas that are a night tea are usually chamomile and lavender, but usually the chamomile takes the front seat. This was the complete opposite. The lavender took the entire show and gave me a front seat. My mom also enjoyed this tea immensely, she had never had a mostly lavender tea but really loves any tea with lavender. If anything, I think the 10 minutes recommended steeping time was a bit too much, and actually over-steeped the lavender the first time. It also did not let me second steep it, it had quite a mild taste for the second steep. The taste of the tea was heavily lavender, very light chamomile but I could taste the mild sweetness of the Chrysanthemum. I was very happy with how much this tea relaxed me.

Ingredients: Dried Organic Lavender, Dried Organic Chamomile, Dried Organic Chrysanthemum

Spice: I really enjoyed spice, especially with Fall coming (Here!). This tea was quite nice to have on its own, or even combine with something else. The aroma of this tea was heavenly, reminding me of cinnamon apples and spice. I could mostly taste the cinnamon and clove but failed to taste many of the other ingredients. However, once brewing this tea, I wanted to experiment a bit. I decided to heat up some apple cider and then add the second steeping to it, to try and see if it would make the apple cider more spiced. I could not detect a difference in the first sip, but as I continued to drink more apple cider I could taste hints of cinnamon on the end of each sip. It added a very subtle, but quite delicious bit of spice that was a bit absent in the cider before.

Ingredients: Dried Organic Cinnamon, Dried Organic Turmeric, Dried Organic Ginger, Dried Organic Cloves

Heart: This was quite a heart-y tea…get it? For this tea, a little goes a long way. I was quite interested in seeing how hibiscus and rose go together, as it is a combination that I have not thought of before. However, they perfectly balanced each other out. Hibiscus can be such a strong presence in a tea and I was surprised to see (taste) that the rose was able to cut right through and soften the taste. In every sip, I could taste an even amount of rose and hibiscus, which made my taste buds extremely happy. Sometimes, hibiscus can be extremely intimidating to me, because I feel like I can never taste anything else when having a hibiscus tea. But I am extremely glad to have found a tea that amps down the hibiscus taste while being able to taste the Rose Petals.

Ingredients: Dried Organic Rose Petals, Dried Organic Hibiscus

Analyzation of the Price:

The prices are quite reasonable, especially for the quality of tea that you receive. For 2 ounces it is $12.95 and $15.95 for 3 ounces. I received all three teas from Healthy Teas and a cute little infuser (which I am always happy to get more as I drink so many cups of tea per day). The Infuser is listed on their website for $2.95. All in all, I think these are reasonable prices and are standard tea prices for the amount and quality of tea you receive.

Analyzation of the Packaging:

The packaging was very nice looking, I always love the plastic see-through part where you can see the leaves. It just adds a beautiful look! I always worry a bit about if that would affect the longevity of the tea, but I could not smell any of the tea aromas directly outside of the plastic. But I could sense a bit of it immediately outside the zip pouch, but I do doubt this tea will last that long in my tea drawer that the airtightness will be an issue.

Alright! I hope you all enjoyed this tea review! I really loved trying these different teas and especially because it is fun to try more herbal blends and see how they help me relax. Happy Brewing!


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