Holistic Remedies: Liver Renewal Tea Tonic | My Experience

Holistic Remedies: Liver Renewal Tea Tonic | My Experience

Warning: This article will pertain to monthly cycles, detoxing my liver, and using tea as a “holistic approach”. If you are uncomfortable with the above information, I would recommend not reading this article. Or continue. But you have been forwarned.

Many people believe that holistic approaches can solve ailments. It could be essential oils (this will be explored in another article), organic creams, or even tea. Yes, tea. This is not a revolutionary new idea, but honestly, one that makes its way into homes more than you think. Stomach ache? Have some mint tea. Bloated? Some peppermint or ginger tea can help. But when it comes to some serious ailments, tea is never a solution a doctor offers.

This article came to fruition after a company, Tress Teas, wanted to start a collaboration where I try out her Liver Tea Tonic. However, we both thought that a short testing period would not actually do her tea justice, so I committed to trying her tea for 3 months and seeing what the effects were on my body. I ended up also adding an extra month for analyzation to see the effects after I finished the initial 3 months.

Detoxing the Liver has many benefits, but there is a large impact on the estrogen hormone. Many female health issues can occur when the Liver is not properly functioning. If the liver is full of toxins, the hormones before a menstrual cycle cannot be properly dispensed which then creates menstrual disturbances and PMS symptoms. A toxic liver can also result in bloating and more sensitivities. During this 3 month detox, I mostly noticed changed within my menstrual cycle and not much else.

Preparing the Tea: This tea did not quite follow the normal brewing steps, but I could definitely tell that normal brewing steps would not benefit this tea as much! This could be used for Tress Teas or any other tea that is used as a Tea tonic!

  1. Boil enough water for a 32-or 40-ounce airtight container (Yeti or Hyroflask work best)
  2. Measure out 5 tablespoons of tea and put in a muslin bag.
  3. Once boiled, pour the water in the container, add the muslin bag full of tea, and tightly seal the container!
  4. Let sit for 6 hours or overnight!
  5. Consume over the span of 48-72 hours. The muslin bag can steep 1-2 more times. (I usually brewed another large quantity right away and stored it in an airtight container)

I found that I prefer this tea cold at first. The taste was extremely strong, but when cold, I could drink it all fairly quickly. However, I was advised to drink it hot (which I occasionally did). My mom drank a little bit with me as well, she actually loved the taste and enjoyed drinking it with me.

Analyzing the Ingredients:

Anise Seed: Nutrient-dense, decrease depression symptoms, prevent stomach ulcers, prevent the growth of bacteria, help with menopause symptoms, balance blood sugar levels, and reduce inflammation

Blue Vervain: Aids digestion, helps with depression and insomnia, and promotes good liver and kidney health

Chamomile: Reduces menstrual pain and muscle spasms, helps with insomnia, gives immunity a boost, treats colds and congestion, and soothes stomach pain.

Damiana Leaf: Helps sexual functions, promotes weight loss, aids in headaches and stomachaches, and helps with constipation

Red Raspberry: High in antioxidants, regulates blood sugar, and reduces risk of disease

Sage: Nutrient-dense and full of antioxidants, help your mouth, eases menopause symptoms, reduce blood sugar levels, aid in brain health, and lower bad cholesterol

Shepherds Purse: Reduces heart issues, reduces menstrual bleeding length and cramps, boosts fertility, and helps with inflammation

Dandelion: Antioxidant-rich, regulates blood sugar and lowers cholesterol, reduced inflammation, boosts the immune system, helps with digestion, and detoxifies the liver

Milk Thistle: Protects the liver, helps long term brain function, help bones, and lower blood sugar

Wild Yam: “Natural remedy” for estrogen therapy, reduces PMS, eases menstrual cramps, and aid in muscular pain

Yellow Dock: Balances the hormones, supports energy during menstruation, boosts the immune system, aids digestion, and balances blood sugar

Burdock: Antioxidant powerhouse, removes toxins from the blood, and it is an aphrodisiac

Yarrow: Aids in inflammation and healing wounds, aids digestion, reduces anxiety, stimulates menstruation, and protects the liver

The Results:

Cycle 1: Talking about my cycle is not my favorite thing to do, and downright makes me uncomfortable. But…I was so impressed with this tea and how fast I saw results. After only about a week and a half of drinking the tea tonic, I realized that I was supposed to start my cycle…yesterday. This just made me very confused, my cycle is usually so regular and timely. It wasn’t until the next day when my cycle actually started that I tried figuring out what the reason was that the timing had changed. The only consensus I came to was the liver tea. So to reiterate, after only one and a half weeks my cycle shortened.

Cycle 2: This cycle was more regular than my previous, but it did seem lighter again. I had a few bumps in the road and forgot to drink the tonic which I think changed the results. Slightly disappointed in myself, but I know that I am unable to do anything now and just have to try and be more consistent. I definitely did not feel as hormonal as I normally do this month.

Cycle 3: I honestly thought I had messed up again. I was not the best at drinking it consistently but I did make a large quantity of the tonic and drink a lot the entire week before my cycle started. Because of that inconsistency, I was sure that I was going to have to wait for another month for results and just try to be more consistent with the tea. However, this was not the case. My cycle was four and a half days instead of the full five. But the first half day and the whole second day was extremely light (which is completely different than how my cycle is usually). It was very nice to still see changes within my body. Some people recommend detoxing your liver the week before your period, so maybe that is the most effective way of doing it and I did not mess up after all.

Cycle 4 (Control): So, I was traveling during this month, which made drinking this tea consistently impossible! So, I (reluctantly) decided to make this month a control cycle meaning that I wanted to see what a normal period would be while not taking the tea after the 3 months. I was actually quite surprised by the results. My cycle remained slightly shorter than normal, with a whopping 4 and a half days. It was not as light as when drinking the tea, but it was not as heavy as it normally was before.

So, my advice would be to try and stay consistent with this tea, even though I saw results, I know that I could have possibly seen more results. However, with that being said, for me, drinking consistently was just not possible between some health issues and my busy schedule. So, my next advice would be to try and be consistent a week and a half to two weeks before your cycle. Even if you drink every other day, I believe you should see results.

Well, this was slightly uncomfortable but interesting to me. The idea that tea can actually affect my body and how it works is extremely interesting!! This company has other blends such as a Blood Cleansing Tonic, Sweat Tea Tonic, A Smokers Tonic (strengthen lungs), and A Flame On Spice Blend (for inflammation). Have you guys ever done a Liver Detox before? What results did you see? Happy Brewing!


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