Path of Cha | Tea Review

Path of Cha | Tea Review

I am very excited to share this review with you. Path of Cha is a tea company based in Brooklyn, New York who focuses on providing ethically sourced teas. Firstly, I am trying a non-smokey version of Lapsang Souchong which is my favorite tea. I also tried a Jasmine Black tea, which I love Jasmine Green tea so I was ready for some new experiences. And then I end this review with a nice Apple Awakening Herbal Tea. Here are my thoughts:

Analyzation of the Tea:

Award-Winning Jasmine Jin Ya Black Tea: This tea is so beautifully aromatic and jasmine-y. I normally have only had jasmine and green tea, but this black tea and jasmine combo was surprising. The black tea provided a slight nuttiness to the entire tea and the jasmine was beautifully integrated into the tea. This tea was also extremely refreshing and crisp. I made a pot for brunch and took a sip after eating some granola and sausage, and my palate seemed lightened and refreshed after drinking it. I had never really experienced that before with a tea.

  • Place of Origin: Black Tea – Yunnan Province, China /  Jasmine – Guangxi Province, China
  • Harvest Date: May 2018
  • Aroma: Well balanced fresh jasmine aroma
  • Taste: Rich, sweet and mellow
  • Tea Species: Yunnan large leaf tea bush
  • Caffeine level: Moderate

Wild, Non-Smokey Lapsang Souchong: This tea tasted exactly as it smelled. I could taste the tannin flavor from the black tea and it provided a nice creamy sip consistently. I have never experienced a buttery tea before but there seemed to be buttery sweet notes in the tea. There was another flavor in this tea that I could not identify so I gave in to checking out Path of Cha’s description and I finally got my answer. Sweet Potato. While you might be thinking that sweet potato must be an odd taste in the tea, I must disagree after tasting this tea. I really enjoyed brewing this tea and will potentially cold-brew it to try and uncover more of the complexities of this tea.

  • Place of Origin: Wuyi Mountain (elevation ~1300m), Fujian Province, China
  • Harvest Time: April 7, 2019
  • Plucking Standard: One bud and two leaves
  • Dry Leaf: Leaves are thick, robust, tightly rolled strips
  • Aroma: Pleasant longan aroma
  • Taste: Strong flavor of honey and caramel with hints of sweet potato and rich mouthfeel 
  • Tea Bush: Wild Caicha
  • Caffeine: Low

Apple Awakening Herbal Tea: This tea was very nice to drink, there were tartiness and sweetness prevalent in this tea. I tried it both hot and cold to see if there was any difference, which there was just a difference in experience and not really taste that I detected. There was a nice refreshing characteristic of this tea, I gave my Dad some of it cold and he downed half of it in a few seconds. The apple taste was perfectly apparent in this tea, and it added a tiny tart flavor when sipping. I included Path of Cha’s own description of the teas as added information, I thought it was very interesting

  • Ingredients: Apple, Hibiscus, Lemongrass, Pineapple
  • Tea Type: Tisane 
  • Taste: A great combination of apple and lemon flavors
  • Caffeine level: Caffeine-free

Analyzation of the Price

Each of these teas has different prices. For the Wild, Non-smoky Lapsang Souchong: $10 for 25 grams, $16 for 50 grams, and $28 for 100 grams. For Award Winning “Golden Buds” Jasmine Black Tea: $11 for 25 grams, $18 for 50 grams, and $31 for 100 grams. And for Apple Awakening Herbal Tea: $8 for 25 grams, $11 for 50 grams, and $18 for 100 grams. I think all of these prices are justified. For ethically sourced, quality tea, these prices are quite reasonable and I would happily pay for more of that Jasmine Black Tea.

Analyzation of the Packaging

The packaging seemed like nice quality pouches. They passed my first initial test of seeing if the aroma of the tea escapes the zipper pouch, so I do not have any immediate plans of changing the packaging into a tin. But I do wish there was more information on the tea packaging. I had to look online to see the ingredients and sourcing information, I think it would be super interesting if they put the sourcing location on the packaging. Just a little personal touch.

Well, there we have it, folks. I always love looking further into companies that boast ethical sourcing and great tea quality. Let me know if there are any tea companies you would be interested in me reviewing in the comments below!! Happy Brewing!


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