Bunka Teas | Kenyan Black Tea Review

Bunka Teas | Kenyan Black Tea Review

Good morning! Being at last weekend’s tea festival rejuvenated my tea spirit. I want to taste teas that I have never tasted before and experience teas in new ways. Luckily, my first review after the festival is a Kenyan Black Tea from Bunka Teas. To my knowledge, this is the first tea that I have tried that was sourced from Kenya (an East-African Tea).

Bunka is about fine tradition, culture, socialization, gatherings and ceremonies. Our products are here to give the world a taste of Eastern Africa. In gatherings, restaurants, tea shops or events, wherever people meet to talk and socialize, BUNKA is there.

I wish that I knew more about the history behind this brand, as I always love learning what drives tea business owners. However, there is not much information available on their website or social media. But the above is available: their goal. Here are my thoughts on my first experience with Bunka Teas – Galabtea:

Analyzation of the Tea:

Galabtea: There was a beautiful aroma of cardamom and cinnamon, so I was worried that one of those ingredients would take over the taste of this tea. However, the cinnamon definitely took a slight back seat in this tea and let the other ingredients really shine through. Ginger was the most prominent taste, but still a very comforting and nice level of taste. I was very happy about the blend of the cinnamon and ginger, and how they allowed you to taste the cardamom at different times and the Kenyan Black tea. It is very rare for a person to be able to taste every ingredient on the list, but it very well happened in this tea! The beautiful golden color was also quite beautiful to behold, and the aroma was extremely prominent as it was steeping and while drinking. I liked this tea so much, it was definitely my featured first tea of the day many times this month. I find that it is a great tea to make in my large Yeti cup due to the strength of the tea. Some teas are too light to be brewed in a large Yeti and I end up disappointed in the middle of my class, drinking hot water.

Ingredients: Kenyan Black Tea, Ginger, Cardamom, Cinnamon

Analyzation of the Price:

For a 30 count of tea sachets, it is $5.99. Honestly, a quite reasonable price and I was quite happy with how affordable this tea is! That calculates to around $0.20 a sachet. Also, I was able to steep these a couple of times with fairly decent cups to follow. So really each sachet can brew 2-3 cups. Great value and quality. I recommend it.

Analyzation of the Packaging:

The packaging was simple but effective. Since this was a strong tea, I was worried that the scent would reach out of the bag near the zipper (which can be a sign that the packaging is not totally airtight!). But I did not need to worry, because this tea was well contained and the scent of the tea barely seeped through. The sachets look to be paper-based and interestingly enough, sometimes would keep water trapped in the tea bag. If I took the tea bag out too early, I would end up with a mess. However, I appreciated this fact because there was no way for tea leaves to get out and dispense themselves on the bottom of my teacup.

Kenyan Tea. Check! I am so excited about the content I have here and coming up! It is good, I was sent a lot of really interesting teas and have a Holistic Healing Post coming Sunday! Until then, Happy Brewing!


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