Tea&Toast Shop | Tea Party Box for One

Tea&Toast Shop | Tea Party Box for One

Happy Thir-TEA-nth of November! I have an extra special tea review for you, as it is a larger and more production-focused than any other one prior. My friend Alexis is helping me with my video content, and the first video is below!! Ahh, such excitement! Through Instagram, I communicated to Tea&Toast Shop (they are the absolute sweetest people!). They sent me a Tea Party Box for One to review to which I vowed I would make the review a great one. So, here are my thoughts on Tea Party Box for One from Tea & Toast Shop!

Analyzation of the Tea…Box: Tea Party Box for One

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I really enjoyed my tea party (once I figured out the cookie situation). I have a few notes about my experience.

  • I used lactose-free milk instead of buttermilk. The taste was still very good and I do not think it messed too much with the consistency.
  • I struggled a lot with these cookies…a lot. I think it is possible that the lactose-free milk effected the ability to stay cold which made the cookies warm up more. This made the cookie cutting a lot harder to do. One tray worked pretty well (I did half the dough at a time, with one half staying in the fridge), but the other half I ended up rolling the cookie dough in balls and flattening them.
  • The sugar cubes are adorable but did take a tiny bit to dissolve. Make sure to wait until they are dissolved (and try it) before adding more.

Analyzation of the Price:

This box is currently $59 for the Tea Party Box for One. If you wanted to get the Tea Party Box for Two, it is $79. I do think this price is slightly high, but it is noted that each box is incredibly unique. Each teacup is either homemade or vintage. Also, it seems like there is shipping included (at least in US 48) in the price which would normally be around $10-15 due to size and weight. Also, it can be noted that this is an experience and a treat to do. I think this would be a great gift for the upcoming Holiday Season for a grandchild or niece/nephew OR for a tea lover in your life.

Analyzation of the Packaging:

Cute. Cute. Cute. All of the items had the corresponding labeling which was really nice and added a personal touch to everything. On top of that, everything was nicely fit and packaged in the box. The tea was in a tin which is really nice packaging and fit in with the character of the entire box!

Well…how did you like it? This is definitely a new style for Tea&Me, which was a total labor of love from both me and Alexis. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! Happy Brewing!


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