Tea Pray Love | Self-Care Premier Box

Tea Pray Love | Self-Care Premier Box

There comes a time when we need a little TLC in our lives. Life can be absolutely crazy sometimes, between work, school, family and relationships, and time for ourselves. I am all for a little self-care in my life, which is what Tea Pray Love provided me through their Premier Self-Care Box. Through trials and tribulations, I am providing this review. Also, they provided a code for 20% off, “WELLNESS20”. Here are my thoughts:

Analyzation of the Contents: Premier Self-Care Box

This box packed quite a lot into a small box; I was quite impressed! The contents of this box included:

  • A Hawaiian Soap Bar
  • A Korean Peel-Off Mask Bottle
  • A Gold Mask
  • Blueberry Beach Breeze Tea by Beach House Tea
  • A Chai flavored/scented Chapstick
  • A Candle
  • A Reflection Journal

I immediately put the Hawaiian soap bar into my bathroom to use, I really liked the feeling on the skin when washing. It seemed like a nice quality soap, and it did bring the feeling of self-care. I also ended up doing the Korean Peel-off Mask a few days after getting the mask, it was a nice peel and made my makeup go on better the next day! I also saw it pull a few undesirables out of my skin, but I think it could have pulled out a bit more. But the whole ceremony around putting on the mask, waiting, and drinking some tea was quite relaxing.

The Chai Chapstick was used sporadically whenever I walked by the box, which I appreciated because I am a religious chapstick user. The most relaxing moment with this box, though, was when I decided to take a bath. I had a bath bomb that I was gifted on my birthday, so I used that, lit the candle, and put on the Gold Mask. I was kind of hoping that the face mask would be a gold jelly kind, but the sheet mask still made my skin feel very nice. I had no idea how to picture me using any of this, so please enjoy the picture to the left of me with the mask on (and a Snapchat filter). The candle was tropical scented and definitely added a little ambiance to my self-care bath routine. The one item included that I used the least was the journal. I have tried journaling many a times in the past, but it is something I could never stick with. So, while it is an extremely nice journal, I was unable to use it as much as I would have liked to when reviewing items.

Blueberry Beach Breeze: As always, I must review the tea. I was very enamored by the color of this tea when it steeped. It was an absolutely beautiful deep pinkish/red color. There were subtle blueberry tones to it, but not overly complex notes within the tea. I think it was the perfect complement to the self-care box, as too much complexity in my tea would have distracted me from being in a self-care mindset. I will drink fruity teas occasionally around this time of year, but I definitely am more in the mood for spicier and earthier teas.

One thing I was hoping to see was a bit more theme orientation for the box’s contents. I was thinking this was possibly an end of summer box but then I ran into the Chai Chapstick which screamed Fall to me. I was unsure if there was supposed to be a theme, but I think a better-coordinated one would be even better!

The tea pictured was not Blueberry Beach Breeze

Analyzation of the Price:

The premier box is $39.95 for a bi-monthly box subscription that includes 1-2 loose leaf teas (10+ servings), 1 self-care book or journal, 2 luxe skincare products, and 2-3 surprise goodies. They also have a petite box for $29.95 that includes 1 loose leaf tea (4+ servings), 2 luxe skincare products, and 2-3 surprise self-care goodies. They also have a tea box for $14.95 that includes 2-5 tea samples (10+ servings). All of these prices seem to be fairly typical of subscription boxes, and fairly priced too. This is a good time to mention that you can get 20% off using code WELLNESS20.

Analyzation of the Packaging:

One major thing that I noticed was that I really enjoyed was the minimal packaging of the subscription box. On the other side of the box (if you watched the unboxing video than you are familiar with how ththe box looks), they have my address and information . There is no additional packaging involved besides the actual box, which I find is sometimes a hit or miss with subscription boxes. Some companies send boxes in boxes and there is a lot of waste coming with the subscription. The box also was nice quality and had nice branding on it.

How do you feel about subscription boxes? Useful? Over-priced? Worth the costs? Let me know down in the comments! I think subscription boxes are definitely a great Christmas gift as well, as many offer a one time box or a shorter period subscription. I know I have a few ideas for subscription box Christmas gifts this year! Happy Brewing!


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