Baikal Tea | Tea Review

Baikal Tea | Tea Review

2020 is coming, and I am not prepared. But my mom actually gave me a lovely idea, to dedicate a week (or close enough to it) to healthy teas that people could order now to get by the new year! It’s no secret that most people make a lot of New Years Resolutions, so here is a “metaphorical” toast to starting off the year happier and healthier (with tea in hand!). Baikal Tea is a tea company that wants you to experience the tastes and health benefits of teas from Siberia. They sent me their sample pack: Chaga, Serenity, Ivan Tea, and Grace. Here are my thoughts:

Analyzation of the Teas:

Chaga (Natural Every Day Detox): This tea had much more of a dry feel and texture to the tea. There is a hint of something else that I simply cannot name or identify, almost cardboardy in nature but still medicinal. However, in the middle of this taste was a slight sweetness. Quite an odd combination. According to the information I was provided, this tea “will naturally energize your body”. Despite my critical tasting notes, I did still enjoy aspects of this tea. I appreciated the focus it gave me to finish a project after the review, which I did not realize until the project was completely finished. I have been looking for a tea to help me focus that I can use when doing homework before bed (as most teas I use to focus has caffeine), so this one will be the perfect addition.

Information about Ivan Tea from Baikal Tea:

  • WARM & EARTHY FLAVOR of Real Siberian Chaga tea will leave you feeling energized and focused
  • HEALTH BENEFITS – Chaga is a great natural antioxidant to support your immune, improve digestive, and detox the body
  • 100% SIBERIAN WILD – Chaga loves cold, that’s why harsh Siberian winters is the best place for Chaga to grow
  • PRODUCT OF NATURE – We hand-pick our Chaga Mushroom from sacred natural lands around the cleanest lake on Earth: Lake Baikal
  • CONVENIENT STEEP WITHOUT ADDITIVES: Steep at home and on the go, tear the bag open and Add to smoothies, hot cocoa or mix with other tea!

Ingredients: Inonotus obliquus (Chaga Mushroom)

Ivan Tea (Natural Immune Support): I did not know I picked the perfect tea to try today until I looked further into this tea. This morning I went under anesthesia to have a minor procedure done, and I went home after and went to bed. When I woke up, my throat was so congested with flem and my voice was totally hoarse. So, I needed some sinus love from this tea. The overall flavor was very mild and slightly earthy. I had never had fireweed tea before, so I was very unsure what to expect. It has a herbal medicinal feeling to it, but I really did not mind it at all as long as it assisted in the clearing of my throat.

Information about Ivan Tea from Baikal Tea:

  • RICH IN TANNINS and PACKED WITH VITAMIN C this tea will fight minor colds and sinuses, improve metabolism, and raise your spirits when you feel down!
  • AS ORGANIC AS IT GETS Your Fireweed tea grows in faraway Siberian forests near the Cleanest Lake on Earth without any pesticides or chemicals
  • Bagged for your CONVENIENCE, take the Amazing taste of wild Fireweed with you to the office, trip or a yoga session. It is DECAF and perfect for any time of the day
  • Fireweed has one of the strongest anti-inflammatory effects of all herbs, reduce inflammation and oxidation to STAY YOUNGER and HEALTHIER!

Ingredients: Fireweed 

Grace (Gentle Natural Body Cleanse): This was a very mellow tea, and tasted not as “medicinal” as the other tea varieties. I think the main taste that I experienced was that of the oregano and a herbally kind of woodsy taste. As I swallowed, I could almost taste a slightly floral taste in my mouth and could taste some lingering notes on my tongue that lingered. There was absolutely no astringency in the tea, it was very smooth and mellow. In the description I was given, this tea is supposed to “normalize the metabolism and promote weight loss by naturally removing toxins”. I do not know if I felt such effects, but I also only had a few samples to rely on.

Information about Ivan Tea from Baikal Tea:

  • Clean your colon and your body gently with natural herbs and no additives
  • Reduce bloating, feel light and hydrated
  • Improve metabolism and digestion, help weight loss
  • Support cardiovascular, respiratory, immune organs and tracts
  • Rich in tannins and vitamins, a natural antioxidant to fight free radicals’

Ingredients: Senna Leaves, Rose Hips, Helichrysum flowers, Corn Silk, Cowberry Leaves, Oregano, Calendula Leaves, Strawberry Leaves

Serenity (Deep Relaxation): This tea was also slightly medicinal like the others, but did have a deep relaxing factor to it. I could really taste the thyme in this tea which was an interesting mix to a calming tea. Like the other teas, there was almost a dried aspect or feeling to the tea which was a different aspect than what I had expected. I think the thing that I was most intrigued by, was the fact that this was so different from most relaxation teas that I had tried. I was extremely stressed when trying out this tea, and it definitely helped me keep my cool a bit more. This entire tea was just different than what I had expected, and I really enjoyed its uniqueness.

Information about Ivan Tea from Baikal Tea:

  • Feel CALM AND RESTED – Our natural relaxing tea will calm your body and your mind when you feel annoyed, jittery, and overwhelmed, so you can carry on with your hectic days
  • REMOVE MILD ANXIETY and heavy feeling inside to stay happy and focused. Life gets overwhelming, so steep a cup of Serenity and feel how organic, wild herbs keep you calm and collected
  • IMPROVE SLEEP and feel rested in the morning with caffeine-free Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Motherwort, and Thyme sleepytime tea. Take an hour before bedtime to stop running thoughts and get ready for bed
  • SUPPORT YOUR HEART to live long and happy! Continual stress, anxiety, and bad sleep damage your cardiovascular system, bringing a toll on the whole body. Our authentic stress-relief tea helps restore heart patterns and support your entire organism

Ingredients: Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Motherwort, Thyme, Cinquefoil

Analyzation of the Price:

The prices vary based on the different kinds of the teas, with a basic sample pack (5 of each variety) for $9.99. This would definitely allow you to try out each of the products before getting a larger quantity. Prices for larger quantities (30 tea sachets) of Baikal Tea is as follows:

  • Grace – $11.99
  • Chaga – $17.99
  • Ivan Tea – $14.99
  • Serenity – $14.99

For detox teas (as some of them are), I think the prices are quite fair. Many detox teas can be anywhere from $25 to $100 (I saw a different detox tea this weekend for $98!!! WHAT?!?) Also, due to the health benefits, I think this tea could be a solid addition to your tea drawer.

I really hope you enjoyed this review! I will have another review up tomorrow with more amazing health benefits, as I will do a whole week of teas that are marketed as medicinal! I hope this might have started turning the wheels of what you might want your New Year’s resolutions to be! Happy Brewing!


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