Wild Bliss Organics | Tea Review

Wild Bliss Organics | Tea Review

I met the owners of Wild Bliss Organics during the Chicago International Tea Festival. My mom and I were so intrigued by the simplicity of the teas but how impactful they are. The company sent me home with 6 of their teas to try and review, so here I am. I was further intrigued because tasting pure and simple ingredients will also aid me in reviews and figuring out what certain ingredients taste and feel like. Here are my thoughts:

Analyzation of the Teas:

Hawthorn: This tea had a vegetal aroma like Parsley with definite dried vegetal notes. It was interesting because there was a slightly dried feeling and taste. However, after a while, I noticed a definite sweet taste in the back of my throat when drinking however, (I was trying these with my mom) she did not experience the same sweetness. According to Wild Bliss Organics, this tea tastes like a mix of sweet and slightly bitter flavor notes. I agree and now can go “I told you so” to my mom for tasting the sweetness on my palate.

Health Benefit Claim: Helps to maintain a Healthy Heart.

Linden Flower: I really liked the taste of this tea. It had very floral notes that reminded me also slightly of jasmine notes. It had a very delicate taste but oddly complex. It was not just one note, it felt like many. The overall feel was pleasant and soothing with some floral taste that lingered in my mouth. A comment in my head was “I think I am eating a flower.” My mom’s comment was “it was as lovely to drink as it was lovely to smell.” I think out of all of the teas, this one was my absolute favorite. I could drink this every day, hot or iced. The company states that this tea carries a bit of honey in the flavor, which I mostly did not taste but instead noticed heavy floral notes.

Health Benefit Claim: Promotes Relaxation.

Nettle: After coming off of the high of the other tea, this one was a bit of a herby punch in the face. There was a definite spinach aroma and maybe slight celery. I was a bit fearful of the taste but luckily the taste was a more subdued version of the smell. I also should note that when it was brewing, I was not unto the smell but it did slightly mellow over time. It tasted quite strong and herby with a slight celery aftertaste that lingered in the palate after. I think the redeeming factor of this tea is that it has great benefits that I would definitely drink this tea for if in the situation. The company states that this tea tastes slightly grassy with hints of honey, which I completely missed.

Health Benefit Claim: Promotes healthy Urinary Tract Function.

Thyme: This tea had a fresh and sweet aroma that was just like freshly picked thyme ( or the smell of thyme that was just rolled between fingers). It was quite different than the other teas, lacking a dried feeling to the tea and instead was quite refreshing. The taste reminds me of a fresh (light) mint taste, with a definite freshness and possible lemon aroma. I almost had a cooling factor on my teeth, which my mom did not quite feel. Apparently, thyme is in the mint family which might explain why I thought I tasted mint. Wild Bliss Organics states that it has aromatic flavor with a tangy bite, which I noticed a bit but it seemed to be more refreshing to me.

Health Benefit Claim: Promotes Respiratory Wellness.

Elderflower: This tea was not for me or my mom. The health benefits do give it redeeming qualities, and yes if, in the situation, I would incorporate it into my diet. But as a casual drink? It would not be my go-to. It had a weird aroma that I did not find as agreeable to my senses. The taste was also quite similar and it tasted a lot like how it smells. The taste and aroma were too much for me, so I would say this was not my favorite tea out of the bunch. Wild Bliss Organics states that this tea is “One of the most delicious herbal teas, Elderflower has a fruity scent, opening with a naturally sweet taste followed by slightly salty notes”. I…did not taste this, but it sounds lovely.

Health Benefit Claim: Promotes Respiratory Wellness.

Yarrow: This tea had a light floral aroma with herby notes kinda like fresh woodchips (to me, but not to my mom). This was a tea my mom is actually trying out to see if it lowers her cholesterol, so stay tuned for that update! Overall, the tea was quite mild tasting and reminded me a lot of chamomile. It was quite calming. The taste was mostly present on the top of my mouth and did have a bit of a dried taste like some of the other teas. The company just put that this tea tastes a bit bitter, which I also disagree with. I thought it to be completely mellow.

Health Benefit Claim: Promotes Healthy Blood Circulation.

Analyzation of the Pricing:

Each container is $12.99 for 25 servings. This calculates to about $0.52 per serving. It is also advised that you drink this tea three cups a day for 2 weeks. I bet you are about to think “that math does not add up”. And you are correct. If you used one serving for every cup you would only last a little over 8 days, which is a bit short from two weeks. However, most likely you can steep a larger amount of tea and drink throughout the day, or continue to steep your original tea leaves throughout the day. (I hope that is correct, but that would be the only way for the math to add up!)

Analyzation of the Packaging:

The packing is quite good, with the airtight tins and further sealing of the teas in bags. I thought it was quite unique that some of the teas had two bags per container to make sure that the leaves stayed fresh until you needed them. That is a very smart move to do to ensure freshness. I was also impressed that you could definitely not smell any of the teas outside of the tin, which signifies further the good quality of the teas.

There we are, Day 2 of a Week of Medicinal Teas. How did you find this one? Do you have any recommendations for teas that you find help in your health? Let me know in the comments! Happy Brewing!


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