The Herbal CommitTea | Women’s Health Tea

The Herbal CommitTea | Women’s Health Tea

Women’s Health is such an important topic to bring awareness to and to educate others about. That is why I never say no to trying out women’s health teas, even if we are *DISCLAIMER* talking about my cycle, I think it is an important conversation for women to have about their health. Maybe it will start a conversation about their cycles or other problems. The Herbal CommitTea is a tea company that focuses primarily on Women’s Health Tea.

What Women’s Health Tea Claims?

This tea claims to help support hormonal balance which means relief from PMS, reduce menstrual cycle discomfort and cramps, reduce heavy menstrual bleeding, and help regulate the menstrual cycle. It also has claims to help aid in digestion. It helps by herb ingredients that help reduce gas and bloating, aiding in a healthy inflammatory response, relieves menopausal symptoms (i.e. hot flashes) and Mood Swings.

Women’s Wellness Tea Analyzation:

I really thought I was done talking about my cycle, but here we are. This honestly is one of the best women’s health teas that I have tasted, I think due to the fruity ingredients included in the blend. Many other teas are mostly spiced and herb-like, which can be a little bit hard to drink repeatedly. The tea was slightly minty and refreshing with a slight sweetness at the back of my mouth due to the licorice. My mouth felt fairly fresh after drinking the tea. I also noticed that my mouth had a tiny bit of dryness to it. It was quite pleasant to drink and I could see myself drinking this tea often in order to achieve the health results that it supposedly has.

I ended up drinking this tea intermittently before and during my cycle, not nearly as much as I wanted to take it. But life sometimes interferes with plans and you have to work with what you have. I was surprised by my results. To be honest, I thought I might have messed it up and not took the tea enough before and during when I realized something big. I wasn’t in pain. At all. Normally the first few days of my cycle are riddled with cramps and an overall blah feeling. I completely missed having cramps this cycle, but was it because of this tea? Or because of sheer luck this cycle? I am attributing it to the tea. I did nothing else different. This was the only benefit I noticed in this time period, but I am looking forward to trying it again come next cycle. I ended up also giving my friend the tea to try as her cycles are debilitating. So, hopefully I can give a full update!

Ingredients: Organic Nettle, Organic Fennel, Organic Hibiscus, Organic Chamomile, Organic Licorice root, Organic Peppermint, Organic Raspberry Leaf, Organic Chaste Berries, Organic Wild Yam, Natural Lemon Flavor, Organic Maca Root

Analyzation of the Pricing:

The tea is $20 for 15 individual sachets, which calculates to $1.33 per sachet. However, each sachet can be brewed twice which is the daily recommended dose. So, it really is 30 cups of tea with each one valued at $0.67. Much better. I think based on the beginning results that I had, I want to try this tea further. It has the potential to really help me and friends of mine who suffer from cycle issues. Therefore, I think $20 is a reasonable price for the benefits it seems to bring.

Analyzation of the Packaging:

The packaging was fairly standard to tea with no noticeable aromas leaking out of the bag. So, I will keep the teas in their respective pouch. I liked the branding of the tea as well, I thought it looked very clean and crisp which helps contribute to the authenticity of the brand and tea.

What do you think of this mini-series? I wanted to put this out to try and get people thinking not necessarily about their health, but of any goals, you may have for the new year!! Happy Brewing!


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