Retro Leaf Tea Company | Tea Review

Retro Leaf Tea Company | Tea Review

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday night and ready for another review, Retro Leaf Tea Company. This company plays on older videogame characters and aspects. They sent me three teas: Applevania, Elrond Forest, and Princess Peach. Here were my thoughts:

Applevania: Okay, this was not as I was expecting at all. But this tea is absolutely perfect. I love apple anything. The Ti Kuan Yin Oolong tea blended perfectly with the subtle apple notes. When I opened the tea pouch, I was greeted by a nice aroma of sour apple, which was lovely but I was hoping that the apple flavoring would not overpower the tea as many times natural flavors do. Lucky for me (and you if you try this tea), the apple notes were quite subtle and beautifully complimented the oolong. The second steeping had a more subtle vegetal taste that belonged to the oolong tea. There were still lingering apple notes as well. I did not have enough time for a third steeping, but I was really happy with this tea and the mellow consistency it provided.

Ingredient: Ti Kuan Yin Oolong, Dried Apple Bits and Natural Apple Flavoring

Princess Peach: I feel like this might be repetitive to read, but this tea was great. There was a mellowness and creaminess to it, which was so soothing to drink. I really like (I know I have stated this before) the ability to actually taste the tea in every sip, and that the natural flavors did not really impact the actual taste or cover the taste like it normally does. It has absolutely shocked me, I did not know there was a delicate balance or that it could be done. There was a delicate floral taste with the mellow

Ingredient: Pai Mu Tan White Tea, Jasmine Pearls, Dried Fruit Pieces, Strawberry and Peach Flavoring

Elrond Forest: I was very excited to taste this tea after trying Applevania, this company really seems to know how to use natural flavors without overwhelming the entire tea. I was quite attracted to this tea due to the “High Caffeine” label and of course, a chance to try some more Pu’er tea. The first taste was that of the amaretto flavoring, but there was a lingering taste in my mouth after swallowing of almonds and nuttiness. I really enjoyed it. The Pu’er was not overly prominent in the first steeping but definitely showed up in the second. There was an amaretto nuttiness showing up first, but then transforming into an earthy calmness of the Pu’er tea.

Ingredients: Aged Pu’er, Roasted Almonds and Amaretto Flavoring

Analyzation of the Pricing:

This tea is extremely affordable for all people. Elrond Forest is $3 for 15 grams of tea and $8 for 50 grams. Princess Peach is $3 for 15 grams and $10 for 50 grams. Applevania is $3 for 15 grams of tea and $8 for 50 grams. I was extremely surprised by how affordable this tea is in regards to how great the quality is.

Analyzation of the Packaging:

The packaging and branding creates a wonderful picture for this tea. The pouches were very nice quality and didn’t seem to leak any of the aroma of the tea. I think the logo was very on brand with the name of this company, which really tied the entire “Princess Peach”, “Applevania” and such together.

I really loved doing this review, in fact, this might have one of my favorite reviews. I commented the other day that I would love to know what kind of oolong tea I am drinking, or whichever tea that is in my tea blends. I loved how this brand specified the type of white and oolong tea! I wish more brands did this actually. I hope you enjoyed this review as much as I did! Happy Brewing!


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