Arteasana Tea | Tea Review

Arteasana Tea | Tea Review

I really enjoy doing all tea reviews, but I always love it when I get to support a local business as well as a small tea business. Arteasana is a small tea company based in Detroit, Michigan that wanted to change how tea was being consumed and made. The founder is an Internal Medicine Physician who, once finding out about the impact of pesticides of non-organic tea, wanted to create her own line of organic teas that would benefit the consumers. She sent me three teas: Festivi-Tea, Productivi-Tea, and Clari-Tea. Here were my thoughts:

Analyzation of the Tea:

Festivi-tea: The tea had a lovely auburn orangey color and a very strong aroma before steeping which carried over when steeping. A rooibos taste is apparent, with a nice cinnamon taste with tart fruit undertones. I love how the taste was quite strong without the assistance of natural flavors. A perfect fruity and spicy tea to wrap around the fireplace with. As the tea is extremely pleasant to drink, I think every person would like this as it is light enough for those who do not like sweet drinks and naturally sweet enough for those who generally do not like or drink tea. I really enjoyed this tea, as cinnamon spiced teas are one of my favorite teas and will be extremely sad when I run out of it (I am already so close to finishing it!).

Ingredients: Organic Rooibos, Organic Spices, Apple, and Apricot

Productivi-tea: I was extremely interested in how the rose and lavender would react with the guayusa, especially since guayusa has more earthy tones that could dominate a cup. However, the lavender really aids in helping cover the guayusa, which just a bit of an earthy aftertaste. The aroma is heavily lavender over anything else. Oddly enough, I could more feel the rose than taste it. But the overall combination was extremely soothing, while really helping me finish studying for my finals.

Ingredients: Guayusa, Rosebud Petals, and Lavender

Clari-tea: I had never thought of the combination of Eucalyptus and Peppermint, but it definitely is an interesting combination. The combination of those two ingredients completely overpowers the green tea taste, which was completely unexpected. However, I am not complaining. The result is a refreshing tea that leaves my mouth cool and fresh. It is a very interesting result and I could see how it could help clear your mind and help with stress. The green tea aspect also seemed to help me be more alert. I could see drinking this tea to help me study or to help me if I am feeling a cold start to come upon me.

Ingredients: Green Tea, Eucalyptus, and Peppermint

Analyzation of the Pricing:

Each tea is $10. Productivi-Tea comes in 0.75-ounce pouches, Clari-Tea comes in 1-ounce pouches, and Festivi-Tea comes in 1.25-ounce pouches. Each tea is created in small batches and heat-sealed to maintain freshness. I think that it is an incredibly great price for the amount and quality of tea that is provided.

Analyzation of the Packaging:

The packaging and branding were quite well done. As previously stated, the tea was heat-sealed to ensure freshness. The tea pouches are good quality, with no aroma coming out from the bag when closed. I really loved the branding on all of the tea pouches, it just adds a tiny touch of professionalism and further brand awareness.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and is looking forward to the New Year! I am hoping 2020 comes with new beginnings and yes…more tea! Happy Brewing!


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