Japanese Green Tea | Tea Review

Japanese Green Tea | Tea Review

Japanese Green Tea is a tea company that sells premium Japanese Green Teas and focuses on how the tea is grown and processed. In fact, they do a few different processes to stand out from other tea companies and farmers. “Practiced by Shizuoka farmers for centuries, grasses are grown throughout tea plantations in the summer months, later to be cut down to form an insulating layer to prevent the ground from freezing. Sugar cane and sugar syrup are also added to the soil to enhance its sweetness.” I was quite interested to hear the different growing methods and was excited to see if I noticed anything different when trying out their teas. Here was what I thought:

Analyzation of the Teas:

Gokuzyo Aracha: Nice light green appearance and color. Based on the aroma, I was expecting a taste that was heavily seaweed and grassy. But it was lighter in taste. The first time I tried brewing this tea, I did a three minute steep (my normal time for all teas) and it was horribly overstepped. This time, I did a one minute steep and it was a lot better on my taste buds. While there was a grassy taste, it was nice and light and more caressed my taste buds instead of dominating them. The notes really congregated on my soft palate near the back of the roof of my mouth. It was quite soothing to drink, and I was interested in how a second steeping would fair since I had such a short brewing time. The second steeping was quite light and vegetal as well, and I made sure to only brew for about 1 minute and 30 seconds. I was hoping to taste more subtle sweetness due to the sugar cane, but I was unable to really taste much. I will try again and report back.

Green Tea & Mikan: The concept of this tea really intrigued me. Kind of a dissolvable green tea with orange, that supposedly is different from matcha. I really loved the aroma of the tea and you could smell the aroma of the oranges and the green tea. However, I did not realize that this was a sweetened tea. My palate is quite sensitive to artificial sweeteners, so I was able to pick up on it right away. While I could taste the orange and green tea, I was completely distracted by the overwhelming sweetness of the tea. I really wished that this tea was more natural and did not include artificial sweetness. However, I thought that this tea would be perfect for my friend Alexis, who sometimes is unsure about tea but does tend to like the sweeter varieties of tea. So, one of the times she was over, I made her this tea cold (as it says it can be made warm or cold), and as expected, she loved it. So, this tea is all about preference.

Ingredients: Green Tea, Citrus Unshu, Sugar, Dextrin, Sucralose, Natural Flavor

Analyzation of the Price:

The price of the Green Tea & Mikan is $24.99 for 2.8 ounces (15-20 cups) and $2.99 for a sample (2 cups). The Gokuzyo Aracha is $29.99 for 3.5 ounces (30-40 cups), $19.99 for 1.8 ounces (15-20 cups), and $2.99 for a sample (2 cups). Based on the quality, production method, and overall care of each product, I believe the price is justified. I always like it when companies also allow any customers to try their teas out before buying. I think the hardest part about selling tea online is the trust that companies need to build to have people buy their product, by selling samples for a reasonable price, those companies can establish trust.

Analyzation of the Packaging:

There were two different kinds of packaging, one was a tea pouch and the other was a cylinder. Just on a space note, I really liked the tea pouch, as it could fit better in my *very overcrowded* tea drawer. But aesthetically, I absolutely loved the tea cylinder. Both tea packages were nicely made and passed my normal testing.

This was definitely an interesting review for me. One thing I really want to research more is the effect of outside conditions (Weather, Acidity, the like) has on tea and its flavor. This review is definitely going to start me on that path. I hope you enjoyed it, Happy Brewing!


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