Himalayan Fine Tea | Tea Review

Himalayan Fine Tea | Tea Review

Himalayan Fine Tea is an Australian Tea Company that produces and processes organic tea in the mountainous areas of Nepal at an altitude of 7,000 feet above the sea level. Based on their growing conditions, the result is a tea that is more distinct in flavor, aroma, and appearance. They currently are working on their website, so not all of the teas are linked but I will update as that information becomes available. They sent me three teas: Himalayan Ruby, Himalayan White Peony, or Everest Snowfall Green. Here are my thoughts:

Analyzation of the Teas:

Himalayan Ruby: This tea was a real treat for me, oh my goodness. When first absorbing the aroma, it did not even compute into my head that there were smokey notes (which disappointed myself because I love tea with smokey or roasted hints). But after the first sip, it is just about all I can smell. I love, love, love smokey tea. The taste was nice and tanniny with a beautiful smokey overlay that settled the back sides of my mouth. Honestly, it reminded me of hiking in the Smokey Mountains or camping; just bringing me back into those moments. There was a slight astringency to it and very slight bitterness, but that might have been a brewing error on my end. I ended up brewing this tea again, and my boyfriend and I both basked in its woodsy taste (he did not exactly tell me that he did that, but I just assumed). It was definitely a brewing error the first time because the next time that I had this tea, it was perfect and smooth.

Himalayan White Peony: This tea has a pale yellow color and not a super evident aroma. The tea has a very light taste to it, with some nice floral notes in it. It overall was not a super complex white tea. I was able to drink it and do homework without much distraction. I wanted to see what a second steeping will do for this tea, so I went to brew another batch. It too was quite light and delicate tasting. I really enjoyed it as I was getting ready for my day, it allowed me to just drink, relax, and get to what I need to be doing. I could see myself drinking this tea on a lazy Saturday morning and clear my head before I start my day.

Everest Snowfall Green:

Oh my goodness, this is so embarrassing. I got this tea wrong. It is a black tea. Not green. But I find it funny, so I am keeping it up. Since their website did not list this tea, I was guessing and was 100% wrong. Skip to the next paragraph if you do not want to witness my stupidity: To start, this tea has just a beautiful golden color. The leaves looked quite rolled and pearl-like and unfolded fully. To be totally honest, you could have told me this tea was a white tea and I would be like, “Yes, okay. That makes sense”. But I did not get Green Tea vibes from the taste, look, or anything really from this tea. The taste was slightly stronger than that of the Himalayan White Peony and with a little astringency. There weren’t any vegetal notes that are usually associated with green tea but smooth slightly floral notes. However, there was a juicy feeling in my mouth after sipping on this tea. It was hard to analyze any particular notes in this tea when drinking it, but I mostly associated an overall feeling with this tea. It definitely warmed me from the inside out when drinking it.

The Actual Review: This tea was beautiful, very pearl-like looking but not like an oolong. I brewed this with a normal infuser for 3 minutes and then brewed it again in a gaiwan. This tea is very temperamental, I discovered. I steeped it for 30 seconds in the gaiwan, and it was horribly bitter and almost undrinkable. It took me a couple of times to finally get it right at 10 seconds. The aroma that I picked up on was almost like smokey tobacco, but a very mild aroma. I honestly do not know how I misidentified this tea, as now I can distinctly taste the tannins in the tea. It still had some distinct floral notes in it, nothing new about that. I will say that this tea is quite picky, it still is giving me a hard time (I am also a newbie with a gaiwan). I really love how this tea developed over a few steeps, becoming more simple and complex at the same time.

Analyzation of the Price:

It was a bit hard to analyze the price, as I believe this company is redoing some of their website and I could not find the teas that they sent me besides one. Himalayan White Peony is $12 for 20 grams, $19 for 30 grams, and $29 for 50 grams. I generally think that this is close to the same pricing as the other teas, but I do not have much proof to validate that. This seems like a fair price for the quality of the teas. Although, please keep in mind that this is an Australian Tea Company, so shipping might be an added expense. They do not offer a flat rate.

Analyzation of the Packaging:

The packaging of this tea was quite good and I have absolutely no complaints. The Himalayan Ruby and Himalayan White Peony both came in tins, while the Everest Snowfall Green came in a tea pouch. Both types of packaging were of great quality and I have no plans to change the packaging. When I am done with these teas, I will also reuse the tins.

I hope you all enjoyed this review. This is the second company I have worked with from Australia, and I am completely blown away by their teas and the quality that they bring. Until next time, Happy Brewing!


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