Lynch’s Brew | Tea Review

Lynch’s Brew | Tea Review

Once upon a time, a tea package once thought lost, showed up on my doorstep. It was from a faraway land…the UK. Lynch’s Brew Tea is a tea company that is dedicated to ethically sourced tea and lemur conservation. About 5% of all tea proceeds go to Lemur Love. They sent me three teas: Lynch’s Breakfast Tea, Lynch’s Lemur Brew, and Jasmine Green Tea. Here are my thoughts.

Lynch’s Breakfast Tea: This tea was quite interesting…and strong. Probably one of the strongest breakfast teas that I have had. The tea had a rich tannin aroma that surrounded my nose at every sip. The taste was quite complex and still quite simple all at once. In one way, there was almost a twiggy note in the tea that abruptly stopped all train of thought when drinking. There also was a rich (slightly bitter) tannin taste in the tea. However, none of these are said negatively. It was robust and bold, and definitely helped wake me up in the morning. I brought it with me to work and loved the slightly caffeinated buzz that came over me (I am slightly sensitive to caffeine). Later, I realized that I was quite caffeinated and felt super productive. I really like how this tea came in reusable cloth tea bags. Seemed to further implement their vision of helping Lemurs and avoiding unnecessary waste.

Ingredients: Black Tea (Assam, Ceylon, Kenyan)
Origin: India, Sri Lanka, and Africa

Lynch’s Lemur Brew: I was very excited to try out this tea, something about black tea and vanilla makes my mouth just water. And this tea did not disappoint. The aroma was a beautiful mix of caramel and vanilla with beautiful caramel color. The taste was quite similar with subtle hints of vanilla and some slight tannin notes. Even though the taste was simple, it was amazing on the senses. With each sip, I could smell the vanilla of the tea while matching the aroma to the tasting notes. I gave a small sample of this tea to both my brother and my coworker. Both were quite obsessed with it, saying it was absolutely delicious. I have consumed this tea many times since being gifted it, and I am absolutely taken away to a warm beach or tropical island when drinking it.

Ingredients: Black Tea, Madagascan Vanilla Pods, Vanilla Extract
Origin: India, Madagascar

Jasmine Green Tea: Right off the bat, this tea smelled absolutely heavenly. Extremely floral and delightful to the senses. The aroma was definitely stronger than the overall taste of the tea though. It was a lot more subtle jasmine taste than other jasmine green teas that I have had, but it was not unwelcomed. It allowed the green tea to show a little bit more, with the jasmine notes lingering on the sides of my tongues while swallowing and right after. Jasmine Green Tea always calms me and melts my stress away, and this tea had a similar effect. This tea was being quite stubborn and was not wanting to be photographed, the actual color is a little bit more golden than the picture portrays.

Ingredients: Green Tea, Jasmine Flower
Origin: China

Analyzation of the Pricing:

These teas are priced at $6 (USD) each for 50 grams of the Jasmine Green Tea and 14 tea bags of the Lynch’s Breakfast Tea. I think this extremely decently priced, especially since a portion of the proceeds go to helping the Lemurs. I do not know the price of the Lemur’s Brew mostly due to the fact that I received a sample of a *gasp* unreleased tea. (I was beyond excited to hear that). I would imagine that it would follow in the same price range as the other two.

Analyzation of the Packaging:

The branding of this packaging is quite nice and appealing to the eye. I love the color choice of the logo (actually the person in the logo looks like my brother). However, I noticed that some of the aroma came out of the top of the pouch by the zipper for the Lemur’s Brew, but not for any of the other types of tea.

This was definitely a long-awaited tea review and I am so excited I finally get to share it with all of you! I always love highlighting a company that has a really great purpose and cause behind their brand! I can’t wait to continue to sip on their teas and share them with my friends and family. Happy Brewing!


2 thoughts on “Lynch’s Brew | Tea Review

  1. So glad to hear you enjoyed the Breakfast Blend too, I bought a large pack after I ran out of my gifted bags and have it on days where I know I’ll need some extra pep in my step ❤️🥰🍵

    1. It was absolutely lovely! I had some again this morning and noticed that I only have one more bag left. It definitely has me feeling quite energized.

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