The Pacific Place Tea Garden | Tea Review

The Pacific Place Tea Garden | Tea Review

Sometimes tea brings back memories as you drink it. For me, this tea from The Pacific Place Tea Garden brought me directly back to my time in Hawaii, as it should because it literally came from Hawaii! This tea company was founded in 1995 and originally created premium tea programs to hotels, restaurants, and spas in Hawaii. The founder, Lynette Jee, eventually earned herself the title of the “Tea Lady” of Hawaii. Inbetween 2005 and 2013, she worked on expanding her business into a retail setting which allowed anyone to be able to drink her tea. She sells it online, at Whole Foods in Hawaii, and at her own retail center. She sent me two teas, Rainbow Hawaii and Green Pineapple Island. Here are my thoughts:

Analyzation of the Teas:

Rainbow Hawaii: When opening the tin to examine the leaves, I was met by the most intoxicating aroma. It was fruity and ignited all of my senses from the get-go. When steeping, the aroma transferred over to a less potent but equally enthralling smell. I am enjoying this brand so much, as the other tea was just as wonderful on the senses. The taste was also fabulous, with maybe mango or papaya sticking out the most. One of the things I really liked, was the fact that you could still taste and feel the black tea in every sip. It provided a rich tanniny taste that complimented well with the fruity components. A delicate balance but one achieved beautifully. I think this tea would also be well-complemented cold-brewed. My brother also tried this tea and said “that is VERY good”, which is a high compliment as he loved his black teas. 

This tea brought me back to my family trying to see the sunset over the clouds at Haleakalā Crater. It was cloudy and cold at the time and we got a slight sunset but based on pictures it was supposed to be spectacular. This tea reminded me of waiting for the sunset and the explosion of color that was supposed to happen (in this case the explosion of flavor would have paired greatly). If I ever am blessed enough to go back, I would love to sip on this tea while waiting. This is the first time that I have ever paired a tea with an experience, but I 100% think it would be a great combination.

Ingredients: Black Tea, Papaya, Mango, Pineapple, Banana, Vanilla. Flowers of marigold, thistle rose petals and cornflowers

Green Pineapple Island: This tea…is aromatic and heavenly. 100% took me back to Hawaii. The aroma from the dried leaves was amazing and smelled like a tropical paradise with pineapple and sweetness. The aroma when steeped was a bit more subdued but still carried a lovely sweet smell that filled up my room. The first thing I noticed when I tasted this tea was that it had a creamy, almost buttery texture. They really balanced out the green tea with the other fruity notes in this tea, making it dance on my taste buds. It is quite mellow as well, with pops of flavor, but it sips quite smooth. I think this tea would be quite good cold-brewed as well, as some of that pineapple flavor might stand out even more. I am very happy with this tea, it might even become one of my favorite green tea blends.

Ingredients: Seven Green Teas, Pineapple Nectar

Analyzation of the Price:

Both teas are $6.50 for 12 pyramid bags for both teas. But for Rainbow Hawaii, it is 2oz loose leaf tea for $6.95, 4oz loose leaf tea for $12.50, and 8oz loose leaf tea for $22. For Green Pineapple Island, it is 2oz loose leaf tea for $7.95, 4oz loose leaf tea for $15, and 8oz loose leaf tea for $28. These prices seem fair if slightly on the higher side, but based on my experience with the teas, I would pay a premium for these teas.

Analyzation of the Packaging:

My teas came in a tin, which is one of the best ways to store teas (in my humble opinion). Aesthetically speaking, tins also are one of the prettiest while being practical with tea storage.

I hope you enjoyed this tea review and maybe it brought you a bit of warmth and peace in this stressful time. Do you ever pair teas with experiences? Comment below if you do and what teas you tend to pair with experiences. Stay safe and Happy Brewing!


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  1. I always think of Hawaii with Kona Coffee, but now I will have to try their teas. Thank you for introducing us to another great tea review. Makes me want to go back to Hawaii.

    1. I was really impressed by them! And it makes me want to go back as well and make some new memories (maybe including tea).

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