The Tea Trove | Assam Masala Chai

The Tea Trove | Assam Masala Chai

Happy Thursday everybody! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy out there in the world. Today’s review is an Assam Masala Chai from the tea company The Tea Trove. This company is based in India, so I was beyond excited to taste their version of Chai. The package came quickly via Amazon, but it seems like they are currently sold out both on their website and on Amazon so I was unable to get the proper link. I will definitely keep my eye out and add it when it becomes available again. Here are my thoughts on the Assam Masala Chai.

Assam Masala Chai:

This tea has a very spicy, sweet aroma from just the dried leaves. It is extremely potent, but I did notice that no matter how I made this tea, that it seemed a little bit of a weaker chai. It was more delicate than some tea that I have had previously, which is not a bad note for me to state. If anything, it makes this tea a bit more versatile and I was able to pair it more with some snacks. My mom stated that the aroma was almost so strong she could really taste it as she was smelling the pouch, and could almost feel it in her eyes. (If that doesn’t give you a good feeling about how strong this aroma was, I do not know what will). I really enjoyed the quality of the ingredients added to the Assam CTC. In the leaves, there were large pieces of cinnamon and cardamom pods that I could instantly point out.

One morning I woke up and decided that I would try and make this chai over the stove and a bit more authentically. I measured out two large mugs of water, had the water come to a rolling boil, measured out 3 teaspoons of the Assam Masala Chai and let that steep on its own for three minutes. After the time was up, I added a splash (no idea what that measurement was) of my lactose-free milk and a little bit of honey. I then stirred it for a tiny bit more, then took it off the heat. I then used a ladle and a sifter and poured my chai out. Both my mom and I were very happy with the result. The tea was sweet but spicy, with a lovely energizing feel to start my morning. It was an elevated version of the way I had made this chai before. 

Ingredients: Assam CTC Tea, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cloves, Cardamom

Analyzation of the Price:

Based on what I saw on Amazon before and my notes, this tea was $6.99 for 100 grams of tea. I thought this was an extremely good price, especially since it was available on Amazon at the time and I have Prime. I really think that for the quality of tea and the company, this is a great price.

Analyzation of the Packaging:

The packaging is quite simple, a black pouch that is fairly airtight. I did smell a bit of the tea aroma coming outside of the top of the bag, which will slightly limit the potency and life of the tea. However, since it is such a small leak, I am unsure whether or not I will replace the packaging. I am finding some of the chai that I have in my tea storage is losing some potency and they have similar packaging. So, I might actually be putting all of my tea in different containers, this one included if I can.

I recently realized that I love making chai over the stove, it really just mixes all of the flavors together better. How do you normally make chai? In an infuser or via the stove and a sifter? I hope everyone is staying safe! Happy Brewing!


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