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Ceremonial Grade Matcha | Matcha Life

Consuming matcha can be very personal to one’s tea habits. It can be a way to start the morning, a mid-work pick me up, or a way to further reflect on time, life, and current states. For me, most of my matcha drinking is done in the morning when I have had little sleep or later in the morning when I need a little reflection. Matcha Life reached out to me on Instagram to review their 100% Organic, Non-GMO and radiation tested, Ceremonial Grade Matcha from Uji, Japan. Seems intense right? Well, I decided to make this tea in both traditional and latte form. Here are my thoughts:

Ceremonial Grade Matcha:

Just from first glance and aroma, I was very hopeful for this matcha. It had a slightly sweet aroma with a nice bright green color. It also did not seem as clumpy as some matchas that I have previously had, although I still put it through a sifter to make it even finer for a better whisk. I always make my matcha into a little paste before adding more water to help the dissolving/integration process. It made a nice pale green color, but I do wish there was a bit more vibrancy to the matcha coloring. The taste was very pleasant and fresh, with sweetness on the forefront and ending with a swift bite of matcha vegetalness. The taste quickly went away in my mouth, not really lingering. It did hold an intense creamy feeling in my mouth with each sip along with some astringency and slightly-drying effect. Overall, it ignited quite a few senses of mine. My mind immediately tried to experience all of the tastes, while my nose tried to pick up aroma intricacies, and my taste buds tried to decipher what the texture was and the notes were. I really liked this matcha, as it made for a nice medium to full-bodied brew. 

This Ceremonial Grade Matcha is priced at $31 (but on sale currently for $28). I think this is about mid-range for Ceremonial Grade Matcha and is rather standard in the industry. The tea came in a nice tea tin that was seal protected. The only small complaint I would make about the packaging is that the label was paper and would easily get stained with water and such (I am super clumsy so I always wonder if the packaging is totally spill-proof).

After drinking this traditionally, I wanted to make a matcha latte. It is one of my absolute favorite ways to consume matcha when I have a few extra minutes in the day. Many times I record myself making a latte and then put it on my Instagram, but I thought I would do a play by play photo moment instead. This also shows how I personally make my matcha.

Step 1:
The first thing I like to do is measure out a spoonful (or two if I want a larger latte) and sift the matcha into my whisking bowl. Even though this matcha did not seem to have large clumps, I have found that it makes the following steps way easier to do.

Step 2:
This is a rather new step to me, about a few months old. I add only a small amount of water to my sifted matcha powder and make a matcha paste. I found that this helps me ensure that there are no clumps of matcha floating in my tea that I will later swallow (which is honestly the worst thing). This step does not take long at all, probably 30 seconds at most.

Step 3:
Next is adding more water and completing the whisking process. Please do not ask me how much water I normally add, I honestly just eyeball it based on my past experience. Since I normally use this bowl, I know about how much water is needed to fill the bowl. If you prefer matcha in a more traditional way, you can stop here! You’re done! But I want to finish up this in latte form, so I am going further.

Step 4:
In a measuring cup, measure out about a half cup of almond milk and a tbsp of honey (or more if you want). Stick the measuring cup in the microwave for about 1 minute and 30 seconds, but keep an eye out. I have had my almond milk explode on me plenty of times in the microwave and it is so messy to clean up! Once the almond milk and honey is warmed up, take an electric frother and start frothing up the entire mixture. Transfer the almond milk into the cup of choice (I chose a mason jar mug).

Step 5:
Pour the matcha over the almond milk mixture. The matcha will go beneath the foam but above the almond milk (as pictured above!) Stir together and enjoy!

This is the final product after mixing all the ingredients thoroughly together. The end product is creamy and slightly sweet, with a hint of matcha flavor.

I hope you enjoyed this matcha review! I really am quite fixated on this Non-GMO labeling that was on this packaging. If any of you know more about tea plants being or not being genetically modified, please email me or leave a comment below! I would love to learn even more about this topic! Stay safe! Happy Brewing!


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