Nirvana White | Organic Leaf Tea

Nirvana White | Organic Leaf Tea

This tea is one of my favorites from Tea Leaf Global. I bought a small sample of it from the Chicago International Tea Festival and was excited to further pursue it through my gaiwain. I am thoroughly enjoying all of the Nepalese teas that I am able to experience, they are really impressing me. In this review, I am going to a white tea from Nepal called Nirvana White. And as a spoiler, I 100% agree with the naming of this tea as it brought me such joy and peace. Also, just a reminder as well, that you can use the code “TEAANDME10” to get 10% off your next order! Here were my thoughts:

Nirvana White:

Gaiwan – 1st Steep: I actually combined the first 3 steeps together so I could have a substantial amount of tea at one time. I steeped the tea at 185 degrees Fahrenheit for about 15-20 seconds. The initial taste of the tea is quite florally and light, and kind of hugs my taste buds. It is absolutely lovely to drink. That was my repeated thought as I drank this tea. This tea is ridiculously smooth and palatable, a really rounded tea. There was also a minerality and smokey aspect to this tea that was lost on me the previous times that I had tried it. I also experienced an extremely juicy feeling in my mouth after each sip and just a marvelous flavor. There is also a natural sweetness to this tea, very subtle as it dances and lingers on my tastebuds.

2nd Steep: Again this time was about 3 steeps combined into one small pitcher, so is this actually steep 3-6? I steeped this round at the same temperature (185 degrees Fahrenheit) for 30 seconds each. The second steeping was quite similar to the first but was not as rounded in the palate. While it still sat wonderfully on the tongue and taste buds, it did have a new little twist of flavor to it near the end of each sip. I noticed a bit of creaminess texture around my mouth when sipping which was different from the first few steeps. It still had floral notes in the tea, and it went down very smoothly. (Too smoothly as I had mostly chugged this steeping before I had time to reflect)

3rd Steep: I brewed this steeping at 185 degrees Fahrenheit for 45-60 seconds. This tea just keeps staying smooth. I just want to keep steeping this tea and see how many I can get from the tea leaves. I was drinking this tea before and after dinner where I had some peanut butter cookies for dessert. The tea really drew out the peanut butter taste in my mouth which was quite interesting. There was a small sweetness that lingered on my tongue again that I noticed.

4th Steep: This steeping was brewed at 190 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 seconds. The color of this tea stayed fairly consistent throughout the steepings as a beautiful golden color. This steeping finally showed the slight signs of being brewed multiple times. It showed just a *tiny* bit of astringency but still was fairly smooth. It still seemed like the leaves had a bit more to give as well, with some leaves not completely unfurled yet. The taste was still floral and with a slight honey sweetness on the very end of each sip. Really enjoyable, and I am super impressed by how many times I am able to brew this tea.

I ended up also brewing this tea side-by-side with another white tea from Nepal and I learned quite a few interesting things. One main difference was the color of the leaves, the other Nepal Tea was quite green after a few steeps, which the Nirvana White had a bit of darker leaves leading me to believe it is a bit more oxidized or processed. The other tea also seems to be more simple, and consistent over each steep where Nirvana White is more complex and really invited me in to figure out what I was tasting.

(edits: Hello, it is future me doing final edits. I brewed this tea while editing this review and I am noticing a lot more smokiness and a bit less floral notes then I originally captured. I kind of wonder if the air has oxidized the tea leaves a little bit more since opening it because I only have a little clip holding it shut and it is not super airtight. I am unsure but I thought it would be good to note.)

Ingredients: Organic White Loose Leaf Tea
Harvest: Spring Flush
Production Date: March 2019
Altitude: 5600 ft
Origin: Matribhumi Tea Estate, Morang, Nepal

The price of this tea is 8 grams for $2.50, 25 grams for $8, and 100 grams for $25. Also, another I want to mention again that using the code “TEAANDME10” will get you 10% off, so it makes it even more affordable and fairly priced. (A small disclaimer that I will be making a small commission on any purchases made with this code, so any support is appreciated.)

The packaging is another factor that makes this brand and tea unique. All packaging elements are biodegradable and compostable. Their packages, labels, printed-ink, and adhesive all are made of compostable materials, which are completely plastic-free, toxic-free, and carbon-free. Label stickers are made from either corn or sugarcane wastes. They really strive to bring quality tea that not only makes the consumer feel good but also helps the environment. My one complaint is that there is no good way of sealing this tea up after opening the package. I used a small clip that worked in a pinch, but I would have liked to have seen some way of closing it more airtightly.

I think Nepalese Teas might be a favorite of mine right now. I just find them so consistently good and smooth, and I just want to keep drinking and drinking the tea. Have you tried any tea from Nepal? Let me know in the comments and as always, Happy Brewing!


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