Iced Matcha Hot Chocolate | Tea Recipe

Iced Matcha Hot Chocolate | Tea Recipe

I was sent some Ceremonial Grade Matcha from Elevation Tea Co for the purpose of experimenting and building recipes, honestly perfect timing with this quarantine. I immediately started scrolling on Pinterest and tried to be inspired. What did I come up with? Iced Matcha Hot Chocolate (yes, iced and hot are both in the title). Iced hot chocolate is a crazy concept to me; iced matcha hot chocolate is even crazier. But hey, I wanted to make a recipe on the warmest day Michigan has seen so far, so it definitely needed to be a cold drink. I was very nervous about how the matcha was going to pair with the hot chocolate, but I was quite happy with the results. Here is how I did it:

Here is the recipe:

While this ingredient list might look quite simple, there is a tiny bit of work that has to be done to each component. Firstly, measure out the almond milk and put it in the microwave for about a minute (I find that the warm almond milk helps the hot chocolate mix fully mix, but it cannot be too warm due to the iced aspect of this recipe). While the almond milk is in the microwave, start preparing the matcha. Measure out the matcha powder and put it through a sifter. Once completely sifted, add a bit of water and use a whisk to combine totally. Set aside. Grab the warm almond milk and add the hot chocolate powder. Use an electric frother to combine. Once fully mixed, grab a glass (I normally use mason jars) and fill it with ice. Pour chocolate almond milk over first, filling it most of the way. Pour matcha over the top. Sprinkle with chocolate powder for decoration and enjoy!

It is so much fun trying to experiment with new recipes. Ice Matcha Hot Chocolate sounds like a contradicting drink, but the result is a satisfying cold drink that will energize you and help you focus while having a small treat. What is your favorite recipe with matcha? I am looking for fun recipes to try and play around with, so comment below your favorite matcha recipe so I can try it out as well! Happy Brewing!


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