Subscription Box Saturday | New Mexico Tea Company

Subscription Box Saturday | New Mexico Tea Company

New Mexico Tea Company started in 2010 in New Mexico, focusing on bulk tea from around the world. They want to make tea as widely available as possible for all tea lovers and all tea tastes. I was first introduced to New Mexico Tea Company when doing an advent calendar exchange during the holidays. There were a few blends in there from this company and ever since I had wanted to try them out for myself. I decided that this series was the perfect time to do just that so I went and bought the 20 cups a Month subscription. Here were my thoughts:

What is the Price?

They have two options for subscription boxes, two teas (20 cups) for $7.99 or two teas (40 cups) for $14.99. Each month brings a different set of two teas (just varying in sizes based on which option is picked), which is a great way to try different blends. The company also has an interesting shipping policy allowing you to choose how much shipping you pay for including free shipping, partial amount, double the amount, etc.

How was the Packaging?

The tea came in a nondescript package. Each tea came in a small pouch that was clear on one side so you can see the leaves, and with the labeling on the other side. Once I opened the teas and tested them out, I was still able to smell the aroma through the packaging. So, I will have to dock them a few points for that since it does not seem like the tea is in an airtight container.

Pai My Tan Machu Peach-U: I was quite confused by this tea. The aroma of the leaves was lovely (I absolutely love peach tea!) and I was super excited to try the tea. When I brewed it, the color turned to an extremely pale yellow color and there was a faint aroma. The taste was unexpected to say the least. I could taste citrus aspects and peach elements but there was an overbearing off-taste. I could not identify it at all, but it seemed almost plant-like. My friend Alexis had the tea and thought it tasted good (but she dilutes her taste buds with coffee every day and might not be a reliable source). After trying it again, I found that the quince was the issue with this tea (I also talked with another tea blogger and she helped me determine this). I was definitely not a huge fan of it, which was a bit of a bummer. The odd taste was definitely the only thing I could focus on with this tea, so this review is not as complete as I wanted it to be.

Organic Ingredients: White Tea, Quince, Natural Flavor, Peaches, Essential Orange and Tangerine Oils

Lady Londonderry: The aroma of the dried leaves is very strong and aromatic, and consisted mostly of lemon and strawberry scented. This tea was quite lovely to drink, I love the combination of strawberry and lemongrass with black tea. It just completely lightens up the heavier elements that black tea can occasionally have and made this tea quite refreshing. The black tea aspect was not as evident in the first steep. There was a tiny bit of astringency in the tea, creating a drying effect in my mouth a bit and a bit of mouth-puckering from the lemony flavor. The color of the tea was a brilliant orange. I think it would make a very nice iced drink in the summer as well. The second steeping did not have as strong of a lemon aroma. The taste was more subtle as well, with it being quite a mild lemon flavor. I still happily sipped on it until it was gone.

Ingredients: Black Tea, Lemon Balm, Strawberry Pieces, Calendula & Sunflower Petals, Natural Flavors

Would I Purchase from this Company Again?

Even though I did not like one of the blends, I would like to try this subscription box at least one more time. Based on previous experience, I know that this company does have good tea blends and the Machu Peach-u was just an off-blend. The price is fairly decent for a subscription box, along with the option of paying for whatever shipping you personally can afford. I did not find any information on sourcing and where their tea originates from, which is a bit of a bummer. But I think I would want to give this company one more shot.

What did you think? Have you tried tea from New Mexico Tea Company? Or do you have a tea subscription box that you want me to try out? Comment below so I can loot into it! Happy Brewing!


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