Hojicha Latte | Tea Recipe

Hojicha Latte | Tea Recipe

Hojicha is something that I never expected that myself to grow fond of. At first, it was just some odd-tasting tea that everyone raved about and I just did not get it. Until one day it clicked. Maybe I had it so much that my subconscious gave into peer pressure, or I found an actual appreciation for the tea. Regardless, Hojicha holds a new place in my heart, and I decided to experiment a little with it and make a Hojicha Latte.

Here is the Recipe:

This recipe is fairly simple, but I do want to further explain how I am able to get my frothy foam so large and in charge. For this recipe, first, make your tea as you prefer it (and possibly a little bit stronger) with about 3/4 of a glass full. While it is steeping combine almond milk, honey, and vanilla extract into a cup and microwave for 30-40 seconds. Once heated, take an electronic frother and froth the ingredients together for about a minute or until there is a good layer of foam on top. Spoon only the frothy part onto the Hojicha. Use electric frother and froth again. Spoon the frothy part onto the Hojicha again. One final time, forth up the rest of the almond milk and then pour it into the Hojicha! Enjoy!

This recipe is super simple and is a lovely way to consume your Hojicha if you are looking for a fun way to spice things up! I hope you try it and enjoy! If you have a similar recipe or different way of making it, comment your recipe for me to try! Happy Brewing!


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