Moroccan Mint Gunpowder Green | The Clean Tea Company

Moroccan Mint Gunpowder Green | The Clean Tea Company

The Clean Tea Company is a UK tea company that focuses on organic and natural ingredients, chosen and handpicked by experts to create their teas. They believe that the body’s natural balance can be achieved starting with proper tea ingredients (among other things as well). They do not add any artificial flavors (thank goodness) and it is also void of artificial preservatives and coloring. They sent me their Moroccan Mint Gunpowder Green Tea. Here are my thoughts:

Moroccan Mint Gunpowder Green: I made this tea on the warmest day that Michigan has had so far (and consumed it warm in the shade), hoping that the mint would be refreshing. The aroma was that sharp mint taste, with not much of the green tea showing through. The taste was also similar but I loved how potent and crisp the mint was. Sometimes mint teas are very delicate and almost get an earthy taste after a while, but this tea had no signs of that at all. My mouth felt extremely refreshed and clean after each sip, with the mint feeling lingering for about 20 seconds after each sip. I was a bit sad that many aspects of the gunpowder green tea were not evident in the tea, but I was happy that the health benefits and caffeine would be in this tea regardless of if I can sense the green tea. It just seems to be a lovely caffeinated version of mint tea! I really enjoyed sipping on it, the juxtaposition of the warmth of the tea with the cooling nature of the peppermint was lovely to experience.

Ingredients: 97% Chinese Pinhead Gunpowder Green Tea, 3% Peppermint

Pricing: For 16 tea bags, the price is £7.95 ($9.75 USD). I think this is a fair price for the amount and quality of the tea.

Packaging: The box-like packaging was fine for the tea bags and labeled as recycled. Through my discussions through Instagram, I was told that the packaging is biodegradable with all plant-based packaging. I am torn about the look of it because I like that you can see the tea leaves through the front window, but the translucent window and bag that holds the teas does not help ensure freshness. But aesthetically, it is quite pleasing to the eye. I could slightly smell the tea aroma outside of the packaging. The teabags are fully biodegradable and made from corn-based starch. They told me that if put in a compost heap, the packaging will be fully gone within 12-24 months.

Sourcing: There is not much information available about the sourcing besides knowing that the Gunpowder Green tea is from China. I wish there was a bit more transparency and information available. They also say that their ingredients are organic and natural.

Additional Notes: I struggled to find an ingredient list for the teas. Obviously, it was on the packaging, but if I was a consumer trying to make a decision, the ingredient list is very important in that buyer’s journey as well as making sure customers do not consume ingredients that they might not be able to have (allergies or sensitivities). There is also a lack of tea description which I think would really help strengthen the company’s display of their teas.

I would like to know if you would buy a tea without knowing the ingredient list. I have seen this with a few companies, and I am interested if I am alone in my opinion. Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments! Happy Brewing!


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