Subscription Box Saturday | Teawrks

Subscription Box Saturday | Teawrks

Teawrks is a monthly subscription box that allows you to personalize and create a box based on your preferences. By filling out an initial profile, you are able to completely customize your box based on your likes and dislikes. Questions include tea drinking frequency, how you brew your tea, whether or not you like caffeinated teas, loose leaf or bagged, flavored or unflavored, different teas and flavors you are interested in trying, and then any food allergies or dietary restrictions that you have. By this data, they make a personalized tea box and every month you get to discover new samples. They sent me their Tea Discovery Box to try and review, so here are my thoughts:

Price: The Tea Discovery Box is priced at $21 for four samples, about 30 cups , and a reusable muslin bag. I personally do not think that the samples are about 30 cups [think 7.5 tsp each] and I really think it is more like four cups each sample. But that is a simple observation.

Packaging: The package that the tea came in was a nice branded box; I do think they could possibly make the box a bit flatter as the teas seemed to fit quite loosely in the box. The individual tea pouches seemed to be of nice quality and I did not notice any scents lingering outside of the packaging.

Sourcing: This company had decent sourcing information available. They listed, in many instances, the area from where the tea came from and not just the country. I was happy to see that information.

Ti Kuan Yin: I was so surprised on how this tea came out. Normally, I would love to pop this is my gaiwan and brew away, but I was not in the gaiwan mood so I used my good old-fashioned basket infuser and planned to brew it for three minutes. Well, that was the plan. It ended up being more like four to five minutes. I could not even tell honestly. I really loved this tea, and how smooth it was. I had to clean my palate a few times when drinking this because I kept tasting a sweet and almost fruit-like taste on the middle of my tongue with each sip. This was a lot lighter than other Ti Kuan Yin teas that I have had before, with the others being a bit more strong and vegetal. I realized that it was the tea and that there was a lovely sweetness in the middle of each sip. The aroma was more floral than the taste and is a bit sweet.

Ingredients: Organic Oolong Tea
Origin: Fujian Province, China

Masala Chai: The aroma reminded me a lot of (and this is not a bad thing) fireball. The cinnamon aroma just brought me there, which is quite trippy when drinking on a Monday morning while working. The taste was a lot more tea-like, with the spices being at the forefront of the drink. It was quite smooth and did not have any drying or astringency. The color of the tea was a beautiful orangy amber. Part of me wanted to drink this tea with some milk and the other part just really enjoyed the spicy tea for what it was. Trippy aroma aside I believe it was the cinnamon that I could mostly taste, with hints of cardamom possibly. 

Ingredients: Organic Black Tea, Organic Ginger, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Green Cardamom, Natural Essence

Golden Monkey: Color is a nice golden hue, as I expected and was promised. The tea was extremely smooth and calming, really settling on my senses. I think I brewed it fairly lightly with about 3 minutes for about a tsp of leaves. This tea was so easy to drink down and I finished it off quickly. I will try this one again and see if the second time also yields a lighter brew. The second steeping was also quite light even though I used more leaves in the tea, which confused me a bit. I honestly cannot pull any notes out of this tea, it doesn’t have much taste to me.

Ingredients: Organic Black Tea
Origin: Fujian Province, China

Yerba Mate: This was my first time having true mate tea. I have had its cousin Guayusa before, and often am enjoying that. The aroma had quite a few roasted notes coming through, with some bean-like notes as well. It reminded me a lot of a faint Hojicha aroma. The taste was quite different than I was expecting, and I am still determining how I feel about it. Immediately, I noticed a very calming feeling through the tea. As I sipped, I kept getting a memory tasting note of a snap pea. There was a bit of sweetness pulling from the tea as well. It almost tasted as if someone put a hint of sugar in the tea already, even though I kept it pure. I am really excited to see how this tea energizes me and if I can notice a difference between this and say, black tea. 

Ingredients: Organic Green Mate
Origin: Brazil

Would I Purchase from this Company again?

I really enjoyed the tea that I received from this company, I think it is fun to have a tea box personalized for you and knowing the quality of the tea that you will receive. I do think this box is a bit expensive for the amount of tea that is given, but I really like the concept. This box allowed me to try Yerba Mate on its own for the first time, which is really cool way to be introduced to it. So, Maybe. I would also be interested in seeing if there was a way to reduce their packaging a little bit and make things fit a little better. All-in-all, I had a very positive experience.

I hope you enjoyed this latest Subscription Box Saturday Post! I have a lot more subscription boxes in my house currently [to the dismay of my mom], so expect this series to continue on! Happy Brewing!


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