Rose & Tulsi Guayusa | Warmi

Rose & Tulsi Guayusa | Warmi

Guayusa was not a type of brew that I knew I needed in my life until I was introduced to the Guayusa blends from Warmi. That may sound super flowery and insincere, but I am 100% serious. I have talked with Diana, co-founder of Warmi, since August of 2019, and have previously reviewed their teas and done two giveaways. Through this relationship, I now integrate this tea (Original, Chai, or Rose + Tulsi) into my morning routine quite often.

Rose & Tulsi Guayusa

This might be my favorite guayusa blend of the three varieties that I have tried. The aroma was really lovely and floral, with almost…a spicy sweet element to it. It confused my nose a little bit honestly, but I have determined it to be the tulsi (which is a type of basil and has similarities to me). The combination of rose and tulsi came together beautifully and covered up a bit of the taste of the guayusa. The entire character of the tea is quite smooth and lacked any astringency or bitterness, making this all to easy to just gulp down. This blend really felt like a warm hug, with the soothing rose and tulsi combo taking the lead. My mom’s commentary on this tea was that this blend was super calming and extremely smooth/ The tulsi impacts the taste and the rose impacts the character and a bit of the taste as well. I have been consuming it quite a bit in the mornings and it has been waking me up immediately (the nutrient-dense energy drink labeling really does it justice).

Ingredient: Sun-Dried Guayusa, Pure Damask Rose Petals, Krishna Tulsi / Holy Basil

Pricing: For 100 grams of tea, the price is $17. For the quality of this tea and how much I personally like the tea, I find this pricing fine. I could see it being a bit expensive for some people especially if this is the first time they are being introduced to this company.

Packaging: The packaging is biogradable. Previously, I had some issues with the zipper part of the pouch but this particular pouch had no issues. I could barely smell the aroma of the tea outside of the bag, which I was also happy about because biodegradable pouches can sometimes be hit or miss.

Sourcing: Warmi partners with a small community of agriculturists who keep the spirit and essence of this plant by adapting the ancient tradition of sun-drying the Guayusa leaves. By this method, the quality of the brew is preserved and it yields higher earnings for participating indigenous communities in the Amazon.

This is now one of my favorite morning drinks due to its delicate nature and ability to gently wake up up. Have you tried guayusa? What were your thoughts? Let me know in the comments! Happy Brewing!


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