Subscription Box Saturday | Harbor Leaf Tea Company

Subscription Box Saturday | Harbor Leaf Tea Company

Harbor Leaf Tea Company is a tea company based in Downtown Lawrence, Kansas and was started by Chase and Scott in early 2018. Their business focuses on quality, customer experience, and our planet, and how that aligns with tea. I discovered them when doing a deep Google dive while trying to research companies that have tea subscription boxes. I bought their Tea Explorer Subscription Box for my Subscription Box Saturday series and here were my thoughts:

Price: They just changed their pay structure (apparently they made a lot of changes after I bought this subscription box) to $14.95 per month with option of getting three or six months. This tea box allows you to pick tea bases and flavors to create a subscription box that will be perfect for you and your tastes, and then they will use that information to pick out three teas for you to enjoy. Then after the box is delivered, you can rate the teas on your account and they will adapt the tea selection based on your preferences. When I had initially bought it, it was month-to-month. However, I have something super exciting for my readers (yes, you!) as Chase and Scott provided me a referral code for you to get your first month free by using the code “TEAANDME”.

Packaging: Funny enough, they changed their packaging right after I ordered this box. They sent me a picture of the new packaging box, which has some style changes to it but is fairly similar to the packaging I received. I noticed that the tea pouches look to be a mesh-like base which turned out to be rice paper, making them biodegradable.

Sourcing: Each tea has a region or country of origin listed, but I could use a little bit more specific information on the actual origin. However, I am happy that they included at least the country of origin.

Lavender Earl Grey: This tea was extremely potent in both aroma and taste, and had quite a strong taste of bergamot. I really really enjoyed this as it just warmed me from the inside with its citrus taste. The citrus notes really lingered on the middle of my tongue. As I drank it (and grudgingly gave a bit to my family to try), we were all quite content and happy by the taste and experience. I honestly think this would be the perfect candidate for a London Fog as its potency would not get drowned out by the vanilla and sweetness, but shine through. The character of the tea was quite smooth with little bursts of flavor in my mouth. I could definitely taste the lavender as well as it paired quite well with the robust earl grey. This was definitely a winner in my book.

Ingredients: Black Tea, Lavender, Bergamot
Origin: China

Orange Blossom Oolong: I was so excited about this based on my first reaction when I opened up the tea pouch and the heavenly scent that went straight to my nose. The tea leaves had a super strong aroma of orange and lemon, which kind of reminded me of orange Mike and Ikes or Bottlecaps. The aroma of the brewed tea was a bit different with some roasted notes and hints of citrus, making the smell to be quite sweet. When I got to tasting it (I had to sneak a few in before taking this picture), I noticed that the taste was more subdued with the aroma. There were small notes of citrus and kind of reminded me of dried persimmons in a way. It was so easy to drink. The delicate nature of the oolong came together nicely, almost reminded me of a white tea base.

Ingredients: Oolong Tea, Jasmine Petals, Orange Pieces
Origin: China

Pu Shou: This tea was full of surprises. The aroma of the leaves was wonderful and fruity, to the point where I kept sniffing the bag to get a hint of the lovely scent. I put this in my gaiwan, which I normally do not do with tea blends, but I was feeling risky. The first scent I caught wind of was the pu’er tea which I think it a ripe pu’er based on the earthy tones that I smelled. There was a hint of fruitiness, but the most prominent scent was that of the pu’er making it almost like a chocolatey aroma. The taste was so unique and like nothing I had tasted before, with earthy notes and slight fruitiness. It was really hard to describe what I was tasting. The passion fruit almost dulled the earthy tones and creates a super balanced tea. Whatever it was, I loved drinking it. After another steep (three total), I felt the tea becoming a bit savory. The smooth character of the tea stayed consistent throughout the brewing session.

Ingredients: Natural Passion Fruit Flavor, White Tea, Puerh Tea
Origin: China

Would I Purchase from this Company Again?

This is an absolutely for me. For this series, I have been canceling after each month because I have so much tea and many subscription boxes that I am trying, but I thoroughly enjoyed this tea subscription and the quality of teas that they provide. I loved every tea that was sent to me, and I also enjoyed the conversation I had with the owners when my box was a tad bit late showing up (my post has been super hit or miss lately). Besides the quality and taste of the teas that I received, I was happy with their sourcing information and customer service. I am excited to see what next month’s box will have for me as I have never had a subscription box that I was so continuously wowed by the teas. Each one was absolutely amazing.

I hope you enjoyed this latest Subscription Box Saturday as much as I did! I was quite impressed that a little Google search that I did turned into such a wonderful relationship and opportunity for my readership to try out these teas with me. Happy Brewing!


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