Kuya Tea Co | Matcha Review

Kuya Tea Co | Matcha Review

Kuya Tea Company is a tea store that sells Ceremonial Grade Green Tea Matcha sourced from Kagoshima, Japan. They wanted to bring matcha closer to consumers at a reasonable price without diminishing quality. They were in love at first sip, and they want to bring that same joy to others. They sent me their Ceremonial Grade Green Tea Matcha for me to try, and here were my thoughts.

Ceremonial Grade Matcha:

Right away, I noticed that the appearance of the matcha was quite green and not yellowish at all which already put a good impression in my head. There did not seem to be any clumps and barely needed my sifter. I love the air secure seal once you opened the top of the tin, which makes me feel better about freshness. The aroma was slightly mild but did have a bit of sharp vegetal notes and a bit of sweetness.

Upon tasting, I noticed that the first sip was very calming and almost mild-like. While there was a sharpness vegetal taste that I have grown accustomed to with Matcha, there was a creamy element behind it that settled around my mouth. I really liked it, it was soothing, creamy but vegetal, and did not have a powdery feel or consistency at all. I first prepared this as a recommendation from some of my Instagram friends to help me focus, which it did to a certain point. I made this near the end of my workday, so the focusing aspect hit me a bit after I finished work. I was very impressed with the creamy aspects of this matcha, it made it quite enjoyable to drink and consume.

I also ended up using this tea in a recipe for a Strawberry Matcha Latte, check out the recipe here! I felt a little odd using such a high grade matcha for a latte, but it really was the best move as it guaranteed a really great tasting matcha latte.

Price: This matcha is $23.99 for 30 grams. This is a fairly standard price for ceremonial grade matcha.

Packaging: Like I said above, the matcha had a seal on it which I had to peel back in order to get to the tea. I really loved that feature. The Matcha was in a tin-like container, which also helps ensure freshness and keeps it safe in the fridge after I open the matcha. The one note I would have is that the label was paper and felt like it could fall off at any time, but it is still holding up as of now.

Sourcing: Their Ceremonial Grade Matcha is harvested from the farms of Kagoshima, Japan and then is certified organic by OCIA Japan. 

What are your thoughts on Matcha? Is it it a Match(a) made in heaven? (I think I am hilarious). It is one drink that I have grown quite fond of and look forward to occasionally having. Happy Brewing!


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