Bora Bora Fruit Infusion | Lewisham Tea Co

Bora Bora Fruit Infusion | Lewisham Tea Co

Lewisham Tea Co is a UK-based tea company that focuses on having a tea for every mood. With organic and natural ingredients, they have six different tea blends to try and match every mood that their consumers have. They sent me their Bora Bora Fruit Infusion (which is going to go down as one of my favorite teas) for me to try and review, so here are my thoughts:

Bora Bora Fruit Infusion:

The aroma was extremely fruity and strong, as soon as I opened the bag, I could smell the tea right away. When I sipped this tea, I had a song pop in my head that went like “oh hot da**, this is my jam.” This is quite accurate. The flavor literally just burst in my mouth after each sip. There was a tart aspect of the hibiscus blossoms but a soothing aspect to the tea as well. It was almost soft and vanilla-like in texture.

The thing that surprised me the most was the strong flavors when natural flavors were absent on the ingredient list. It also brewed such a potent tea, that I ended up making an entire pot out of just one tea sachet. It was a bit less flavorful but still was quite good.

Since I had time on my hands, I also cold-brewed and sun-brewed this tea. The cold-brew is shown on the left in the picture. The result was a nice flavorful and insanely refreshing drink. It was just as flavorful as the hot-brew, maybe more so. The sun-brew was made with a jar of water and one bag and brewed in the sunlight for about two hours. While the tea was a bit more watery and less potent, it still makes a wonderful iced tea.

Ingredients: Hibiscus Blossoms, Apple Pieces, Papaya Cubes, Currants, Elderberries, Blackcurrant, Freeze-dried Raspberry and Strawberry Pieces, Sunflower Blossoms, Cornflower Blossoms

Price: This tea is £6.99 [about $8.78 USD] for 20 tea sachets. I would full-heartedly say that this tea is worth every-penny. I enjoyed this tea in so many different formats and ways, that I want to stock up on this tea.

Packaging: This is what surprised me the most. The tea had quite a potent aroma, but mostly stayed inside of the bag when sealed. A little bit of the aroma escaped as there was just a little twist-tie-like piece sealing the bag, but I was very impressed with how insulated the tea packaging ended up being. It was also extremely pretty and well-designed.

Sourcing: This is an herbal tisane, so not much sourcing information is available. It does state that all Lewisham teas are 100% organic, biodegradable, healthy, and vegan-friendly.  They also state that their tea ingredients are sourced from independent artisan tea farmers.

Do you like fruit infusion herbal blends? I absolutely love them, probably due to it being like a healthy “juice”. Before bed or during the day, I really enjoy drinking them as a little break inbetween other teas. When do you find yourself consuming herbal fruity teas? Let me know in the comments. Happy Brewing!


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