Subscription Box Saturday | Simplicity Teas

Subscription Box Saturday | Simplicity Teas

Happy Saturday Tea Lovers! Welcome back to Subscription Box Saturday! This is 100% my favorite series that I have done on my blog and I think I will keep it and continue supporting small businesses for a while. Today’s subscription box is from Simplicity Teas. I actually follow them on Instagram and have looked at their subscription boxes a few times over the past year, but never had reason to take that credit card jump. I bought the Mini: 2 Teas of the Month Club Option, and here are my thoughts:

How much does this Cost?

The price is $9 a month for the Mini: 2 Teas of the Month Club. I received two samples: one in a vial and one in a tea pouch. I also received a reusable tea bag and a strawberry silicone infuser. They do charge shipping for this tea club option, and I ended up paying $4 for shipping.

How was the Packaging?

The teas came in an eco-friendly branded pouch. The one tea pouch was quite nice and none of the tea aromas spilled out of the bag. Even the vial was fairly airtight as well (and also so cute). My one concern is the ability of sunlight to get into the packaging, but that is fairly minor to me since I try and store my tea in dark places. 

What Sourcing Information is Available?

I could not find any information about their sourcing of teas. I really wish this information was available especially since they talk about sourcing only the cleanest, high-quality ingredients. I would love for them to disclose at least a country of origin or more for transparency.

Hug in a Mug: The aroma is so comforting that I can 100% understand why they chose this name. It was sweet and had hints of caramel, and just made me want to take a bite because it smelled so delicious. The taste is just as delicious with a natural sweetness quite evident in each sip. The cocoa nibs were a bit more subdued but it was evident. The rooibos paired perfectly with the more savory flavors of the cocoa nibs and caramel flavor, really drawing out notes of caramel and chestnut. I really loved this tea and it got me all warm and comfy before bed. It has the aroma of a really sweet chocolate caramel bar, but without the sweetness of the candy, which I actually prefer since I am not the biggest chocolate candy fan.

Ingrediets: Rooibos, Apple, Cocoa Nibs, Carmel Flavor, Marigold Flowers, Hazelnut Flavors, Blue Cornflowers, Chestnut Flavor

White Grapefruit: I really enjoyed this tea, it reminds me of the perfect Spring cup of tea. The aroma of the dry leaves is quite potent and had a tangy and sweet aroma. This was a very fresh tasting tea. It honestly tasted as if the company picked it yesterday and my cup is full of tasty floral notes. The white tea base was not super apparent with more floral marigold flowers taking the front seat. The entire tea had a light character and tasted a bit like a floral garden. (like when you walk into a garden and are surrounded by aromas, and you almost taste the flowers). 

Ingredients: White Tea, Orange, Grapefruit Flavor, Marigold Flowers

Would I Purchase this Tea Subscription Again?

I found this tea subscription extremely fun, especially since the tea blends were not found in its online store so it is like receiving secret blends. I canceled my subscription, as I am doing with most of these tea subscriptions for this series. I was happy with the “cuteness” factor of the subscription but I do wish there was a bit more tea in the box for the price, especially since I am also paying for the shipping. So, looking at this price-wise, I do not know if the two teas are equivalent to $9 or more. I searched high and low for sourcing information and came up empty-handed, which also was a bit of a concern for me.

What did you guys think? Have you heard of this tea subscription before? Are you enjoying discovering new brands with me? I have really been enjoying all the different teas that I have been discovering and trying out. Happy Brewing!


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