Pink Paradisi | Tiger Tea Co

Pink Paradisi | Tiger Tea Co

Tiger Tea Co is a UK based tea company. The founder, Russell, is a chef who has 34 years of experience of cuisine and 10 years of tea blending experience. Their teas emphasize genuine flavors as their teas are all blended without any natural or artificial flavorings. They actually sent me four different tea blends, but today, I am just analyzing one of their blends: Pink Paradisi.

Upon looking at the leaves, they look to be more fruity ingredients instead of the green tea leaves. So, right away, I expected the tea to be a bit more fruity and subtle. The aroma of the dry leaves gave me heavy ginger and citrus notes, but the wet leaves were more fruity, light and almost lemonade like. The color was a very light pink color, which was why I used a white tea cup to show off the hue.

Upon tasting the tea, it felt a bit explosive (but subtly so – my mom was quite confused why I used that adjective but it first came to mind). The ginger really amplified the fruitiness and citrus notes of the tea. It was a light flavor but that explosive characteristic stuck with me. Lime (and possibly the grapefruit as well) notes really shined through in this tea, and I think it was lifted by the hibiscus flavor that kind of coated my mouth. I think this tea would be lovely iced, as it did remind me a bit of pink lemonade.

My mom had a different experience with this tea and could not taste the ginger at all. I could taste it in the background a bit and really felt like it supported some of the citrus flavors instead of dominating as ginger can be prone to doing. I think this tea would be really lovely with some fajitas, unsure why, but I think it would be really good.

Ingredients: Green Tea, Kiwi, Lime, Pink Grapefruit, Ginger, Elderflower, Hibiscus, Jasmine Flowers

Price: The price of this tea is £4.99 ($6.14 USD) for 50 grams of loose leaf tea. This is definitely an affordable price, and it looks like there is free shipping at least within the UK (I am not sure about us USA folks).

Packaging: The packaging consisted of a thin, brown tea pouch. My only issue with the tea pouch was that it was not resealable, so I had to close then with a small clip to try and keep the tea fresh. I cannot tell if I got this particular packaging because they were samples or if this is their normal packaging, it looks like the normal ones are resealable.

Sourcing: There was no sourcing information available for the teas on their website so far. On their Instagram, they do state that they source from high-grade single estates. After posting this review, they did let me know that the green tea in the blend is a Chinese Sencha from the Qingshan Gardens.

It always brings me joy when reviewing teas (yes, in general) from around the world. I love seeing how other cultures approach their tea blends and how it can differ from the US. I hope you are enjoying a nice cup of tea while reading this, Happy Brewing!


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