Posh Babe Box | Hugz in Mugz

Posh Babe Box | Hugz in Mugz

What do you do when you want to either 1) introduce a friend to tea or 2) send someone you care about a gift? Send them tea (is the obvious and only choice of a tea lover like myself). Personalized or pre-curated boxes are becoming a popular choice to send to friends for all occasions. Hugz in Mugz specializes in personalized gift boxes that you can make specially customized to a person or shop pre-made. This is all in the name of trying to spread happiness…and hugs. I was sent the Posh Babe Box from Kayla the owner. This box comes premade with 3 full tea boxes/containers, a tea infuser, a small sugar spoon, and a tea towel.

I want to give a little introduction to the owner of Hugz in Mugz, Kayla, and her vision behind the company (she did provide me with these pictures):

Each of the teas come from different brands, picked out specifically for each box. Mine had three different kinds of teas, all of which I have never tried before.

Harney & Sons – Chinese Flower Green Tea: The aroma of this tea was very subtle and flowery with slight citrus. But I couldn’t help that feel like something smelled off. The taste was quite floral and roagain with light citrus (my sister warned me that this would be stronger so I was a bit confused). At first this tea confused me, but I think it just was not for me. The aroma after a while did not sit well with me and the taste just also was not my favorite.

Ingredients: Green tea, lemon flavor, orange peel, marigold, cornflower, rosebuds. Contains natural flavors.

Tea Towel: This was the element to the box that I loved the most and used the most! Since I do not have a tea table, I normally put a kitchen or tea towel under my gaiwan. I have used this almost every time when using my gaiwan so at least once a week. It is not the best at absorbing moisture when trying to wipe surfaces but does absorb when splashed.

Big Heart Tea Co – Cup of Love: I absolutely love the combination of rose and tulsi. Just rose tea is not always my favorite, but tulsi adds a wonderful element that perfectly balances out the tea. Just by drinking the tea, I could feel my body drain of stress and my mindset got right into the mood to go to bed. I honestly love this combination, I have a similar blend with guayusa, and it tastes incredibly similar.

Ingredients: Organic Tulsi, Organic Rose

Donut Spoon: This was the one object that I was unsure what to use for at first. I could see it as a sugar spoon, but I do not really use sugar in my tea. However, the other day I decided to add almond milk into my tea and used this little spoon to combine it fully. I also used it to measure out some leaves.

David’s Tea – Happy Tummy: The aroma was not as strong as I was expecting, but smelled faintly of ginger. The use of pepper made it overall quite spicy but it was still quite gentle and mild (if that is even possible). I was not sure about it at first but honestly, I grew to like it. The rooibos started to shine through a bit as the tea cooled down. I picked out this tea because my stomach was acting up (as usual) and I was hoping that a bit of digestion relief would occur. I was also a bit skeptical of the stevia in this tea, but I could not taste it at all. I loved the slight sting of the pepper as I took each sip as well.

Ingredients: Organic Ginger, Organic Green Rooibos, Organic Black Peppercorn, Organic White Pepper, Organic Pink Peppercorn, Natural Flavouring with Stevia Extract

Tea Infuser: This tea infuser is fairly standard. I personally prefer the basket infusers, but this was fine and worked as needed!

Price: Because I am a little businesswoman myself, I wanted to see the profit margin of this box because many of my family members expressed concern about the $50 price tag that this box had. So, looking up the teas on the original websites, I found that the Cup of Love tea is $8.99, the Chinese Green Tea us $4, and the Happy tummy is $6. Reasonably, I would assume the tea towel was between $5 and $7. I found the donut spoons on Amazon for 4 for $10.99 ($2.75 for one), and a metal infuser could easily be in between $2 and $4. So, the actual production cost is somewhere between $28.74 and $32.74. Also, shipping is free for this box, which I have noticed shipping for me is between $12 and $15 for boxes this size. So, quite honestly, I find the price of $50 to be quite acceptable and reasonable.

Packaging: The packaging of this box was spot on and adorable. I could not have asked for cuter packaging. The box came completely branded up with cute tissue paper and stickers. The tea was packaged in the original brands packaging, so not much to comment there.

Overall Thoughts: I really love this concept and idea. This would be an extremely easy gift to send to a friend for any occasion. I think I really love the idea that you can build your own box for someone, to really make it specialized for that person. I would have probably gone without the small spoon and infuser (just because I have so many infusers), so it would be fun to be able to choose what goes into the box as well. Their pre-made boxes are nice for an easy send, but the customize-able option allows you to be just as involved in the box.

What do you guys think about specialty tea boxes? Do you like them or prefer to make them yourself? I find them extremely interesting and am so impressed by the creativity needed to make these up. I hope you all are staying safe, Happy Brewing!


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  1. I think it is a nice idea too! I would like to see some general overall teas, for people that have not had an introduction to teas. Something that pleases the general pallet. Did it come with instructions? A mug?

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