Forever Spring Medium Roast | Zerama Teas

Forever Spring Medium Roast | Zerama Teas

Zerama Tea is a US tea company that cares about quality and bringing it to customers at a good price where it can be accessible to all. They source teas from all over the world. They sent me a variety of their teas, but today I am looking at their Forever Spring Medium Roast Oolong Tea. Here are my thoughts:

Forever Spring Medium Roast

The appearance of the brewed tea was a lighter brown/orange color, a bit unusual in color. Either way, it made a beautiful pour out of my gaiwan. The aroma that I noticed was quite toasty with granulated honey. The honey aroma did ween off a tiny bit as I steeped even more. The first notes that I gathered in my mouth were that of roasted and possibly char. I had a moment of uncertainty where I wondered if I was tasting floral (long story, my taste buds confuse floral and roasted notes). My mom confirmed that she thought it was more roasty toasty than floral.

There was a creamy and slightly buttery feeling around the tea, with a very smooth taste. There was little to no astringency that I noticed with the first few steepings. I noticed the flavor congregate at the top of my mouth and back of my throat, and lingered for a while in my mouth. I took a moment and shut my eyes to try and meditate on how the tea was making me feel. I felt a calming of my throat and a lightness of my head. For a slightly roasted tea, it is fairly light. The leaves were fully expanded and were completely whole.

Looking on their site, I like to compare my notes to their description. Zerama Tea states that you can taste a hint of cinnamon.

Price: For a sample size (.5 ounce), the price is $4.50. For a 2-ounce size, $10.75, and for a 6-ounce size, the price is $26.50. I always love when there are sample sizes available for purchase from a company,

Packaging: The sample packaging was in a silver pouch that I needed to use clips to close. I have no idea how the larger quantities are put in. But this packaging is fine for samples.

Sourcing: According to the website and on the packaging, this tea is from Taiwan. I believe (do not quote me) that this is my first oolong tea that I have had that is sourced from Taiwan, so it was quite exciting to try it out. All tea is said to be sustainably produced and utilize biodynamic agriculture.

How do you normally brew your oolong teas? I am finding that now, more than ever, it is more relaxing to use my gaiwan and enjoy the slow process of watching the leaves unfurl. Calming, as I can breath in and out, and slowly feel the brief peace and euphoria that tea provides me. I hope you all are staying safe and finding peace. Happy Brewing!


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