Ginger Cheer | KayTeas and Herb Co.

Ginger Cheer | KayTeas and Herb Co.

KayTeas and Herb Co. focuses on wellbeing and the health benefits that drinking tea can provide. Their mission is to educate, promote self-care, and encourage herbal healing to all who seek it. Holistic approaches are always interesting to me, as some people drink tea for the health benefits and others just for the calming presence and ceremony of it. But I always appreciate the additional health benefits while I am drinking tea. They sent me three of their tea blends. Today I am looking at Ginger Cheer, here are my thoughts:

Ginger Cheer: The aroma of this tea was that of heavy ginger but still with a slight sweetness from the lemongrass. I honestly loved how strong it smelled and the overall aroma, I kept sticking my nose into the bag to try and get another whiff. The “leaves” were not quite what I was expecting with little pieces of ginger and lemongrass, it looked quite heavy in the ginger aspect. As the tea steeped, it immediately was slightly cloudy and eventually turned into a slightly cloudy and pale yellow. I used about a teaspoon of leaves and steeped the tea for about five to seven minutes. Immediately, I loved the taste and the overall calmness that I feel. The taste is primarily lemony goodness with that sting of the ginger in my throat, which is very lovely. It was quite lighter than I was expecting, especially since I feel like I put so many ginger pieces in the steeper. I loved the combination of the two ingredients, it really shows that some blends do not need a multitude of ingredients to be so dynamic.

Ingredients: Organic Ginger, Lemongrass 

Stated Health Benefits: The ginger in this drink helps with inflammation, nausea, blood flow, it minimizes morning sickness and helps with nutrient absorption. The lemongrass helps boost the immune system, fights fever, and improves digestion. (I took this directly off of their site)

Pricing: For Ginger Cheer, the price is $8 for 2 ounces of Loose Leaf. Due to the current situation, they are no longer doing tea bags and are only providing loose leaf to avoid further touching of the tea blends. I think this is a fair and totally normal price.

Packaging: So, it is my impression that the samples that I received came in packaging that their normal tea does not. I received 3 samples in plastic bags that came in a larger bag which was able to conceal all of the tea aromas and help preserve the freshness. It is my understanding that this larger bag is what the tea normally comes in, which was completely airtight and was good quality.

Sourcing: Within the packaging of the tea was a card that stated that the ingredients came from Thailand (lemongrass) and China (ginger). Many herbal blends do not have any sourcing information, so I was beyond impressed that they provided that.

Why do you drink tea? Simple question, but it honestly makes me think. Do I drink tea because I love the simple ceremony of it, or do I drink it because of the healthy feeling that fills my body? Let me know in the comments below! Happy Brewing!


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