Campfire | Apothecary Teas

Campfire | Apothecary Teas

Apothecary Teas is a tea company that focuses on tea experience. From watching the tea leaves unfold and the colors drain from the leaves, to the first sip, Apothecary Teas wants their customers to experience quality tea and a wonderful experience every time and every sip. They sent me four of their teas, but today I am looking at Campfire, a black tea blend. Here is what I thought:

Campfire: I do not know what I was expecting but when I saw the list of ingredients, I thought that this would be a chai-like drink. Maybe it was a warming drink that was comforting to drink around a campfire or something, but I was WAY off. On the packaging, it just says black tea while on the website it says Russian Black tea, which might have to do with the misinterpretation. It smells identical to a campfire, kind of mesquite like. As I further dug into this tea, I determined that it was a Christmas campfire aroma with hints of cinnamon.

I brewed the tea like normal for three minutes with boiled water. The aroma immediately wafted up to my nose and I was filled with cinnamon and aromas that smelled similar to liquid smoke. The taste was a bit different than expected, being more prominent with the spices. I mostly tasted the cinnamon and cloves with just hints of smokiness in the middle of my tongue. Something about this blend really relaxed me, possibly the connotation of campfires and my love for them. Or it could be my love of smoky blends and Apothecary Teas’ take on this. My brother actually did not mind this blend and just thought it was Christmasy.

Ingredients: Russian black tea, cinnamon, clove, safflower.

Price: The price for this tea is $5 for a sample, $12 for 3 ounces, and $18 for 7 ounces. I will always say, I love when companies have sample options for people to try their teas before making a big purchase.

Packaging: Well, obviously the packaging was doing its job if I could not figure out that this was a smokey tea instead of a chai. The tea came in a standard brown paper resealable pouch.

Sourcing: I did not see any sourcing information on their website. If they get back to me with any information, I will add it.

I feel like smokey tea is very hit or miss for some people. For instance, my brother normally hates smokey tea, but my brother-in-law, like me, loves smokey tea and will drink it with me. I made the mistake of giving a coworker a smokey tea early on in their tea adventure, and they have not trusted me since. So, I would be interested to hear if you guys like or dislike smokey teas. Comment down below your answer! Happy Brewing!


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