Darjeeling | Good & Proper Tea

Darjeeling | Good & Proper Tea

Good & Proper Tea is a UK tea brand that started in the back of a van…no…really. The founder Emilie, started the company by updating a van into a mobile tea bar. Through crowdfunding, she was able to grow the business into what it is today. They sent me quite a few of their tea blends, but one I was quite interested in tasting was their Darjeeling. Here are my thoughts:

Darjeeling – 2nd Flush: Right away I could tell that this was a 2nd flush for sure (a new skill/observation that I have recently acquired). The tea was not astringent at all, but had a very very smooth character to it. As I sipped it did feel slightly malty but not really this full-bodied tea that the packaging and website suggested, and determined that it is bit lighter bodied of a brew. The aroma is slightly floral but has almost caramelly tanin notes, but it took me a while to identify those. Tha taste of this tea lingered on my tongue and around my mouth for quite a while. My mom does not normally like “plain tea” (but is starting to get more of a palate for it), but she stated how much she liked it and how smooth it was. I briefly considered adding almond milk to this tea to test it out, but I agreed 100% with the packaging that this tea could definitely stand out by itself.

I enjoyed this tea multiple times, but the most poignant memory was in the morning while it was pouring rain. (It was also my brother’s birthday) I had brought out some teacups and some macaroons that I had just bought. It was so relaxing to sip on this tea, hear & smell the rain, and be with family. We all really enjoyed the blend as well as being with each other. My dad even joined us while sipping *gasp* coffee.

Price: For this tea, a sample (2 cups) is £1.50 ($1.97 USD), 90 grams (30 cups) for £8 ($10.50 USD), or 500 grams (170 cups) for £32 ($42.02 USD). I cannot remember what the package has said for shipping, so I cannot report on that. But be aware that this is a UK company, so any US consumers might have expensive shipping.

Packaging: I loved the packaging on this tea for one main reason, the air tight seal on the back. Each tea pouch was quite standard, but it looked like the back had a plastic piece that a vacuum could come in and make sure the tea is airtight. (I could be way off but I assume that is what it is for).

Sourcing: I had the highest of hopes for this company in regards to their sourcing information available. One of their company foundations is about sourcing! I was not disappointed one bit, with them even disclosing the estate. According to their website, “This Darjeeling 2nd flush, with its silvery tips, is from the Glenburn Estate in India, nestled high in the Himalayas, in the region famed for producing the ‘champagne’ of teas.”

I recently started looking into the differences between 1st and 2nd flushes of Darjeeljng. It is quite fascinating, especially when compared side by side. I am so excited to continue learning more tips & tricks so I can help pass them on to you! Happy Brewing!


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